Today, sustainability is such a big part of our daily lives, both on a personal and business level, since it focuses on maintaining the environment, rather than harming it and compromising the ability of future generations to meet their environmental needs. We at Bio Fireplace Group understand the importance of incorporating ways to reduce our carbon footprint and implement procedures that ensure we respect the bottom line for people, the planet and profits.

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Our Impact - Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Our focus is, and has always been satisfying our customers by finding the right fireplace for them and taking this triple bottom line, as well as our corporate social responsibility into consideration is very important to us. Since we sell eco-friendly alternatives for the traditional wood burning stove, we see this as an opportunity to provide our customers a way to help reduce their carbon footprint, while we are working on ours.

We are constantly working on ways to develop processes and products as sustainable as they can be. One of our fundamental products is bioethanol, which is made from organic materials such as potatoes, corn or sugar cane. This is the product every bioethanol fireplace needs and we are therefore proud to say that this is CO2 neutral. This also means you do not need to worry about any smoke, ash or soot and therefore do not need a chimney.

Besides selling bioethanol and -fireplaces, we also have a wide variety of gas, electric and hybrid fireplaces. Which, are still a very good alternative to a traditional wood burning stove. For questions or more information on the specifics of this, do not hesitate to contact our customer service!

How You Can Make a Difference - Compensate your CO2

We as Bio Fireplace Group wanted our customers to be able to reduce their own carbon footprint when ordering from us. Therefore, we are providing the opportunity to compensate your CO2, which will cover the CO2 that is released when transporting the product from our warehouse to your home. This is done through a third party company called South Pole, an industry leader in climate action that supports over 700 different climate action projects around the globe. You can find more information on South Pole here.

How this works is that when you add the compensation to your basket (which can be found below), we will collect it and also donate the same amount. Every quarter we will then buy carbon credits from South Pole. These carbon credits will be invested into different projects of our choosing. We have decided to support two certified carbon offset projects, which you can find more information on below.

Additionally, we have partnered up with Growing Trees Network, which is a non-profit organisation that focuses on afforestation in Denmark, Bolivia and Ghana to secure ground water, climate protection and CO2 reduction. We will donate 1 tree per wood burning firepit sold and we would like to give our customers the opportunity to do the same. Since burning wood is damaging the environment we felt the need to compensate it not just for ourselves but also our customers. For more information, you can find the Growing Trees Network website here.

We’re committed to continue to support these projects, and will hopefully be able to add more projects in the future. If you would like to be up to date with our progress regarding our journey of corporate social responsibility, as well as offers, new products and other updates, you can sign up for our newsletter!

Disclaimer: 100% of the compensated CO2 will be invested in the selected projects, Bio Fireplace Group does not financially benefit from this initiative.

Cookstoves for Maasai Communities - Kenya

The Maasai people are located in a big part of southern Kenya and northern Tanzania. They have maintained many of their age-old customs that preserve their unique culture. One of these customs is their cooking over an open wood fire method. This method exposes women and children to significant amounts of smoke, causing severe health issues and tonnes of CO2 emissions.

This project has distributed over 5,500 efficient cookstoves to replace open fires. The cookstoves reflect traditional woodfire methods, but require 66% less firewood and reduces smoke emissions immensely which improves overall community health. Another benefit from this project is that the demand for firewood keeps decreasing, which preserves the Mau Forest, which is the biggest forest in East Africa.

For more information on this project, click here.

Cookstoves for Maasai Communities

Safe Community Water Supply - Rwanda

The quality of water in Rwanda is typically not safe to drink and cause severe health problems. For clean water, families must either boil it over inefficient wood-fuelled fires or travel long distances. Inhaling smoke from the indoor wood burning stoves and the long distances increases the risks of illnesses and impacts especially women and children. The boreholes that do exist are usually not well maintained and therefore do not work properly or not at all.

This project restores and repairs existing boreholes to provide clean drinking water to Rwandan communities, removing the need to boil water for purification. This means families’ resources are saved and they don’t have to spend time or money on getting firewood. The biggest benefit would be the decrease of health problems, including water-borne and respiratory diseases. Additionally, by removing the need to boil water the project significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions as well as deforestation pressures on surrounding forests where firewood is sourced.

For more information on this project, click here.

Safe Community Water Supply - Rwanda

Sustainable Development Goals

Both the Growing Trees Network Project as well as the projects we have selected from South Pole are meeting multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals are common, universal goals for member states of the United Nations to transform the world into a fairer, more prosperous and peaceful society by 2030. They include a commitment to end poverty, achieve gender equality, improve health and education, make cities more sustainable, combat climate change, protect forests and much more. The specific goals our selected projects are meeting include:

1. End poverty in all its forms everywhere

3. Ensure healthy lives and promote well-​being for all at all ages

6. Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all

7. Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

13. Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

15. Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss

Our personal goals and objectives

To elaborate and illustrate our commitment we have created 7 objectives, taking the UN Sustainable Development Goals into consideration, that will help us guide our journey of sustainability;

  • Maintain corporate policies that benefit the environment
  • A business approach that contributes to sustainable development, which is beneficial for all stakeholders
  • Modifying production processes to emit less waste or emissions
  • Engaging employees to be dedicated and environmentally conscious
  • Encouraging carpooling or riding a bike to work
  • Educate consumers about responsible consumption
  • Donate to non-profit organizations that support sustainability

We are excited and motivated to continue our sustainable journey and we sure hope you want to be a part of it!

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Donate and Compensate Here

Plant A Tree with Growing Trees Network!

Plant A Tree with Growing Trees Network!

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Compensate Your Co2 Emissions With South Pole

Compensate Your Co2 Emissions With South Pole

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