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Le Maître

Le Maître produces products that make outdoor cooking and grilling an unique experience.

Le Maître has a range of ovens, fire baskets and barbecues in different shapes and sizes. They also have different additional accessories, such as a barbecue table and work table.

With just a few steps, the multi oven is an oven with many options, such as a BBQ, Teppanyaki, smoker or even a beautiful fireplace for your terrace.

The fireplaces and barbecues are made of Corten Steel, which gives your product an extra unique look.

Producten - Le Maître

    Le Maître Multi Oven Pure Corten

    Multi Oven Pure Corten

    Price: £1,229
    Items number: OUT-50-301

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    Le Maître outdoor Multi Oven Corten Black

    Multi Oven Corten Black

    Price: £1,479
    Items number: OUT-50-302

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    Le Maître Teppanyaki Plate

    Teppanyaki Plate

    Price: £169
    Items number: OUT-50-304

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    Le Maître Gray Leather Gloves

    Leather gloves

    Price: £29
    Items number: OUT-50-303

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    Le Maître smoking set for your oven

    Smoking Set

    Price: £99
    Items number: OUT-50-305

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    Le Maître BBQ-Skewers

    Barbecue Skewers (4)

    Price: £39
    Items number: OUT-50-306

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    Le Maître BBQ/Oven Grate

    BBQ/Oven Grate

    Price: £109
    Items number: OUT-50-307

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    Le Maître Skewers Set (3) for smoking

    Smoking Skewers Set (3)

    Price: £19
    Items number: OUT-50-308

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    Le Maître BBQ table

    BBQ Table (excluding BBQ)

    Price: £739
    Items number: OUT-50-309

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    Le Maître luxury Party Table

    Party Table

    Price: £529
    Items number: OUT-50-311

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    Le Maître Working Table

    Working Table

    Price: £729
    Items number: OUT-50-312

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    Holder for sauces and spices

    Oil & Sauce Tray

    Price: £89
    Items number: OUT-50-313

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    Le Maître Cutlery tray with compartments

    Cutlery Tray

    Price: £109
    Items number: OUT-50-314

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    Shelf for covering the BBQ table

    Oak Cover BBQ-Table

    Price: £109
    Items number: OUT-50-315

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    Shelf to cover the bar table

    Oak Cover Party Table

    Price: £89
    Items number: OUT-50-316

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    Shelf to cover work table

    Oak Cover Work Tablel

    Price: £89
    Items number: OUT-50-317

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    Le Maître Cooler/Waste Bin

    Cooler/Waste Bin

    Price: £19
    Items number: OUT-50-318

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    Side shelf for the multi-oven and BBQ table

    Side Shelf

    Price: £69
    Items number: OUT-50-319

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    Le Maître Firepit & BBQ Medium

    Firepit & BBQ Medium

    Price: £319
    Items number: OUT-50-320

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    Le Maître Firepit & BBQ Large

    Firepit & BBQ Large

    Price: £369
    Items number: OUT-50-321

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    Le Maître Firepit Griddle

    Firepit Griddle

    Price: £149
    Items number: OUT-50-322

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    Le Maître Wheel Set

    Wheel Set

    Price: £49
    Items number: OUT-50-323

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      Sturdy look & feel

      Le Maître's products are made of Corten Steel, thick steel known for its robustness in its purest form called the Pure Corten. Over time, the steel color changes to a brown rust color. This not only gives your luxury multi-oven, fire pit or BBQ a unique look, it also ensures that the products last a long time due to the very dense oxide skin of the steel. This ensures that you can enjoy a life of excellent food without any limits. Le Maître's products really add a lot of value to the quality of outdoor living.


      Because Le Maître's products are made of high-quality Corten Steel, they are completely weather-resistant. You can leave the products outside without worry, this even ensures that the rust look will develop faster and gives a luxurious and sturdy look to your oven, fire pit or BBQ.

      What does Le Maitre do?

      Le Maître is a producer of luxury outdoor products designed for baking or grilling. The products are made of thick quality steel called Corten Steel. This type of steel is known for robustness in its purest form and its specific brown rust color. Due to its very dense oxide skin, this high-quality steel lasts a very long time.

      Accessories from Le Maitre

      Le Maître has a range of accessories that make grilling or baking in the open air even easier. The side table or cutlery tray makes it possible to easily place the cookware while grilling. The cooler keeps your drinks cool while you cook and there are even more accessories that make your outdoor life easier.

      Product Range

      The Le Maître range consists of multi-ovens and firebaskets that can be used multifunctionally as a barbecue. In addition to these products, Le Maître offers various accessories that make cooking easier. One of these accessories is the work table that offers you plenty of space to prepare your food.

      Le Maître has surprised everyone with their unique products made of Corten steel. The range includes the following models:

      •      Multi ovens
      •      Fire pits & barbecues
      •      BBQ tables
      •      work tables
      •      bar table

      Different products are available in different colors and sizes.