Remote Controlled Freestanding Bioethanol Fireplaces

Automatic free-standing bioethanol fireplaces offer easy and safe control of your bio fireplace from the comfort of your couch. Turn on, control the flame height and turn off the fireplace with the push of a botton.

Free-standing automatic fireplaces require no extra installation, just plug them into an electric wall-socket and fill the tank with bioethanol fuel. No chimney or vent solution needed.

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Products - Automatic Bioethanol Freestanding Fireplaces

    Scandi Planika
    Scandi Planika


    Price: £2,579
    Items number: BIO-60-066

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    Pure Flame
    Pure Flame

    Pure Flame Tv Box

    Price: £3,829
    Items number: BIO-60-059

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      Freestanding automatic bioethanol fireplaces

      We have a selection of automatic freestanding bioethanol fires, where it is possible to control the fireplace via a remote control or via a control panel. By investing in an automatic bioethanol fire, direct control with the bioethanol fuel is avoided, as the bioethanol is filled via a pump system, which minimises the risk of spillage or overfilling.

      All our bio fires do not require a chimney or vent, but it is important to connect electricity to automatic bio ethanol fires. Otherwise, the fireplace will serve little purpose. However, with these freestanding models, this is rarely a problem as they just need to be plugged into a regular socket.

      Automatic a freestanding fireplace is suoer flexible, as it can easily be placed wherever you want - you do not have to worry about venting, a chimney, or installation!

      The comfort of an automatic freestanding bioethanol fireplace

      In general, the biggest advantage of an automatic freestanding bioethanol fireplace is that you get a lot more comfort and safety compared to manual bioethanol fireplaces. This is because with an automatic bioethanol, you just need to fill the tank with bioethanol fuel - some models even come with an automatic pump, so you do not have to do anything, while others need to be filled with a funnel or pump - however, once that is done, you just press a button and the fireplace is up and running. The same goes for turning it off, just push a button and it is off!

      It variates from model to model whether there is a control panel, a remote control, or an app that is used to control the fireplace. All the fireplace we sell have a control panel, but differs in terms of remote control or app control. However, it will be described in the product text of a given product, and should you be in doubt, please contact us!