Mantel Opti Myst Fires

Hybrid fireplace, often called Opti-myst, create its beautiful flame effects using electricity and evaporated water. Here you find them in a classic mantel fireplace design, taking inspiration from old traditional English fireplaces.

The classic mantel design Opti-myst fireplaces will be delivered fully assembled or partly assemble and will be ready to use in just a few minutes. Simply unpack the fireplace, fill the cassette burner with water and connect the fireplace to an electrical outlet. Then you are ready to enjoy the beautiful "flames" from the fireplace.

Since the hybrid fireplaces do not have any real flames, there is no fire hazard and can be installed without any professional knowledge.

Products - Classic Mantel Opti-myst Fireplaces

    Water fireplace Moorefield in cream colour
    Water fireplace Moorefield in cream colour

    Moorefield Hybrid Fireplace, Creme-coloured

    Price: £1,199
    Items number: HYB-10-014

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