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HEAT1 - ECO-friendly Heaters

When the temperature drops, the sun sets, and darkness falls, HEAT1 will be the perfect solution. HEAT1 has developed electric outdoor heaters for the quality-conscious consumer as well as business. With a focus on stylish design and smart solutions, Heat1 can be considered as the eco-friendly patio heater of the future. They deliver a clean expression and environment-friendly heat, so you can with a good conscience turn on you outdoor heater and enjoy the lovely warmth.

Heat1 have three product ranges: ECO Plus-line,  ECO High-line og ECO Pro-line, so it is possible for you to find a pation heater that matches you and your needs.

Heat1 is acknowledge brand with high-end quality outdoor heaters.

HEAT1 eco-friendly electrical heaters

Products - HEAT1

HEAT 1 eco plus-line Patioheater

Patio Heater Heat1 Eco Plus-Line 1500W

Price: £149
Items number: OUT-70-201

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Eco Plus-line 2000 W

Patio Heater Heat1 Eco Plus-Line 2000W

Price: £168
Items number: OUT-70-202

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High-line patio heater

Patio Heater Heat1 Eco High-Line 1500W in Black

Price: £189
Items number: OUT-70-203

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Eco High-Line antracit

Patio Heater Heat1 Eco High-Line 1500W Antracit

Price: £189
Items number: OUT-70-204

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white patio-heater

Patio Heater Heat1 Eco High-Line 1500W White

Price: £189
Items number: OUT-70-205

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2 kw patioheater black

Heat1 2000W Patio Heater Eco High-Line in Black

Price: £209
Items number: OUT-70-206

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Antracit wall mounted patio heater

Eco High-Line 2000W in Antracit Patio Heater From Heat1

Price: £209
Items number: OUT-70-207

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white wall hung patio heater

Heat1 Patio Heater Eco High-Line 2000W in White

Price: £209
Items number: OUT-70-208

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wall mounted patio heater HEAT1

Patio Heater Eco High-Line 2000W Black From Heat1

Price: £239
Items number: OUT-70-209

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hanging patioheater

Patio Heater Heat1 Eco High-Line 2000W Titanium

Price: £239
Items number: OUT-70-210

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Patio heater with app

Heat1 Eco Pro-Line 2000W Patio Heater

Price: £339
Items number: OUT-70-211

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High quality patio heater

Eco Pro-Line 2000W Patio Heater From Heat1 With Bt, App-Controls and Speaker

Price: £399
Items number: OUT-70-212

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Pro-Line patio heater

Patio Heater Eco Pro-Line 2000W From Heat1

Price: £318
Items number: OUT-70-213

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Eco Pro-Line hanging patio heater

Eco Pro-Line 2000W Patio Heater From Heat1

Price: £288
Items number: OUT-70-215

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Good patio heater for the floor

Heat1 Patio Heater Eco High-Line 1200W for Under Table

Price: £179
Items number: OUT-70-216

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Patio heater stand

Stand for patio heater

Heat1 Patio Heater Holder Pedestal

Price: £119
Items number: OUT-70-217

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Tripod stand for patio heater

Heat1 Patio Heater Tripod Stand

Price: £78
Items number: OUT-70-218

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wall bracket for patio heater

Heat1 Adjustable Patio Heater Wall Mount

Price: £48
Items number: OUT-70-219

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Universal patio heater bracket

Heat1 Universal Mounting Bracket

Price: £39
Items number: OUT-70-220

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Timer contact for HEAT1

Timer for Heat1 Patio Heaters

Price: £99
Items number: OUT-70-221

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Outdoor extension cord - 10 meter

Heat1 10M Extension Cable

Price: £48
Items number: OUT-70-222

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Eco-Friendly and Infrared Patio-Heaters

HEAT1 is a newer suggestions for electrical and infrared outdoor heaters. Heat1 relies heavily on their stylish design as well as their environmental-friendly approach to the product. Common for all of HEAT1's product series: plus-line, high-line and pro-line is, that all are equipped with infrared Ultra Low Glare (ULG) halogen tubes. This means that the light output is reduced by up to 90% and the patio-heaters' energy efficiency is 92%. In addition, the majority of HEAT1 outdoor heaters can be mounted on the wall or fixed to one of their stands.

Make your Terrace Warm and Timeless

HEAT1 keeps their focus on having a clean look and creating environmentally friendly heat, so you can turn on your outdoor heater and enjoy the warmth with a clear conscience.

Patio-heaters from Heat1 is for you who would like to enjoy as much time as possible outside at your terrace without freezing and without compromising with the eco-friendly choices. It is for you who don't want to feel forced to move inside just because it got a bit darker and the temperature is a little to low.

a benefit you'll get by choosing a outdoor heater from Heat1 is among others that the heaters starting time is under one second, meaning that it will get warm really fast. Every heater from HEAT1 is also equipped with a remote, so that you don't even have to go to the patio-heater to turn it on. Heat1 have several different models of heaters with various functions, so it is possible to find one that will match you and your needs. If you want a heater that can be used both indoor and outdoor Heat1 has multiple models that will suit that need.

Common for all patio heaters is that they glow a little and releases a lovely warmth which makes your evenings timeless.

HEAT1 ECO Plus-line

ECO plus-line is perfect for you who wants a simple and stylish patio heater at an affordable price without gambling with the heater's performance and functionalities.

The outdoor heater comes with a remote control that allows you to turn the heat on and off. It is also possible to purchase the HEAT1 hour timer, which helps to make the use of the plus-line patio heater more eco-friendly and energy-saving.

HEAT1 ECO high-line

ECO high-line is equipped a few more adjustments than the plus-line. If you choose a patio heater from the Heat1 high-line range a adjustable bracket that makes it possible to tilt the heater. In addition, it is with the included remote control possible to adjust the heat in 6 levels, from 500 - 1500 W. The remote can reach up to 6 meters, so you can calmly adjust the heat without going all the way to the outdoor heater.

HEAT1 ECO Pro-line

With a outdoor heater from the ECO pro-line range you'll get a powerful, stylish, and environment-friendly heater with smart control. The intelligent control can be done using a smartphone APP, the included remote control or the HEAT1 timer switch, which can be purchased as an optional accessory.

In the Smartphone app it is easy to set the heating-power og the patio-heater and to program a time limit if desired. from the included remote, the heating power can be set in 6 levels from 660 - 2000 W.

As with the high-line series, an adjustable mounting bracket with a built-in tilt function is also included, so the heat can be controlled in the desired direction.