Bioethanol Fireplaces

Below you will find a large selection of biofireplaces, which are the most demanded. If you have a desired product in mind that you were not able to find on our web-shop or if you have any specific needs, do not hesitate to contact us. We have a large network in the bio ethanol fireplace business and have a large variety of products in stock that are not present on our website, why you can contact us and we will do the best to suit your needs.

At you will find a great variety of freestanding fireplaces, tabletop fireplaces or wall mounted fireplaces. Further do we have biofireplaces both for inside and outside purposes.

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Bioethanol Fireplaces

At you find a large selection of bioethanol fireplaces. We have chosen all the best bio fireplaces from all the known fireplace manufacturers like Cocoon Fires, Ebios Fires, Planika, Xaralyn, Westbo of Sweden, Nordlys Denmark and much more.

Bioethanol fireplaces are fireplaces that burn bioethanol fuel, which is a spirit produced of organic materials, such as potatoes, corn and beets. It is thus an environmentally friendly and sustainable product.

When burned, bioethanol emits only CO2, heat and evaporated water. Therefore, bioethanol fireplaces do not require a chimney or extractor and can be the ideal solution if you do not have the possibility or desire to have a chimney or extractor installed, but still wants the coziness and heat of the open fire that a bio fireplaces provides.

Wall-mounted bioethanol fireplaces

Bio Fireplace Guides

If you are new to the world of bioethanol fireplaces, try to take a look at our Guide Section where we have collected a lot of guides that shows you what a bioethanol fireplaces is, how it works and what the difference between models and brands might be.

You will most likely find answers to most of your questions on our guide page. If you still have any questions about our products and bioethanol fireplaces, don't hesitate to contact our customer service.

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