About us

How we Started

Bioethanol-fireplace started in Aalborg, Denmark, as a part of CC-Trading. It was founded in 2010 by Casper W. Lanng and Christoffer L. Mortensen. It started as just a webshop.

We now operate in 10 different countries, and offer a wide range of fireplaces. In 2018, we opened our first showroom in Aalborg, on Hadsundvej 72, and in 2020, we opened another showroom at Valby Langgade 72, in Copenhagen. In both of our showrooms, we display a broad selection of our fireplaces, such as bioethanol fireplaces, gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces and Opti-myst fireplaces.

Since the beginning, a number of great employees, of different nationalities, have joined our team, and enable us to provide good and qualified help and advice to our customers.


Our Passion

Our focus has always been our customers, and we are passionate about finding the right fireplace for the customer, that fits their needs and wishes best. 

Our skilled staff is always happy to help you and provide you with great advice and recommendations, in our live-chat, by email, phone or in our showrrooms. We are a modern company, and we are happy to provide our customers with extra materials, such as pictures or videos of desired fireplaces if you don't have the option to visit our showrooms. 

Where to Find Us

We are a fast paced, growing company, that has expanded to multiple markets in Europe. We have also been awarded the Børsen Gazelle award, for fast-growing business that have at least doubled their revenue over a four year period.

We operate in a number of European countires, including the UK, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, France and Spain. We offer speedy customer service in all these countries via phone, email or live-chat.

Biofireplace address



Gravsholtvej 15, Langholt
9310 Vodskov

VAT No.: DK34607907

Customer service


Phone.: (+45) 42 90 90 84
Mail: info@bioethanol-fireplace.co.uk
Live chat on our website

Monday - Friday 9 - 16

Bank information


Spar Nord Bank
IBAN no.: DK1093142140205233


Casper - Bioethanol-fireplace Partner and founder

Casper W. Lanng

Founder and co-owner
Webshop manager
+45 60 66 96 24

Christoffer Lanng - Bioethanol-fireplace Partner and Founder

Christoffer L. Mortensen

Founder and co-owner
Product manager
+45 60 66 96 03

Michael Falkenberg - Bioethanol-fireplace Marketing

Michael Falkenberg

+45 42 90 96 99

Amalie Hornbaek - Bioethanol-fireplace Customer service

Amalie H. Larsen

Digital Business
Customer Support

Sine Bjerregaard - Bioethanol-fireplace Customer service

Sine Bjerregaard

Digital Handelselev
Customer service

Lisa Brohus, webuvikler

Lisa Brohus

Web Developer


Louise Petersen - Bioethanol-fireplace Accounting

Louise O. Petersen

Customer Service
+45 60 66 96 93

Jakob Nielsen - Bioethanol-fireplace Logistics

Jakob S. Fiedel

Customer Service

Stine french customer service

Stine Hoffmann

Customer Service France

caroline- Bioethanol-fireplace

Caroline Bucht

Customer Service Sweden

Nienke international - bioethanol-fireplace

Nienke Peursum

Customer Service Netherlands


Sarah international - Bioethanol-fireplace

Tony Mulder

Customer Service Netherlands



Merete Søgaard

Customer Service Norge


Alicia Raupach

Customer Service Germany
+49 17 83 30 12 37

Our Awards

gazelle award 2020
Børsens Gazelle Award 2020
gazelle award 2019
Børsens Gazelle Award 2019
gazelle award 2018
Børsens Gazelle Award 2018