Optimyst Wall-Mounted Fires

On this page, you find our selection of the beautiful wall-mounted Opti-Myst water vapour fireplaces. If you do not wish the Opti-Myst fireplace to take up space on your floor, the wall-mounted solution is perfect, if you want to add a water vapour flame effect into your house.

The wall-mounted Opti-Myst offers easy installation, but remember that they will need to be connected to an electric outlet to operate.

Products - Wall-Mounted Water Vapour Fireplaces

    Xaralyn Lucca - Wall-mounted Opti-myst water vapor fireplace
    Xaralyn Lucca - Wall-mounted Opti-myst water vapor fireplace

    Lucca Wall-Mounted Opti-Myst

    Price: £1,419
    Items number: BIO-60-138

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    Magic-Fire by Safretti Sogno 500 - Wall-mounted hybrid fireplace
    Magic-Fire by Safretti Sogno 500 - Wall-mounted hybrid fireplace

    Sogno 500 Wall-mounted Hybrid Fireplace

    Price: £4,099
    Items number: HYB-10-213

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      Wall-mounted water vapour fireplace for your home without a chimney

      You can easily install a wall-mounted water vapour fireplace in your home without a chimney. Not all homes have chimneys, and it can be difficult to install a traditional fireplace or wood burning stove. However, a water vapour fireplace does not require a chimney. It simply needs to be either hung on the wall, installed in a wall if it is a built in electric water vapour fireplace or placed wherever desired. The only thing the fireplace needs is electricity and water. In contract to a fireplace or wood burning stove, a water vapour does not pollute and only water is emitted while "burning", making it an amazing, modern, and eco-friendly fireplace.

      The water vapour flames are quite fascinating and authentic looking, and there are no risks of burning, ad the flame effect is purely water. Our water vapour fireplaces are also available with and without a heater so they can also produce heat if desired.

      What is an Opti-Myst Vapour Fireplace?

      An Opti-Myst vapour fireplace is powered by water and electricity. An Opti-Myst electric fireplace creates a fascinating flame effect that looks quite authentic and convincing. Since the fireplace only uses water and electricity, a good indoor climate is maintained since no bad odours or the like are created, making it a very sustainable and eco-friendly fireplace. A water vapour fireplace does not require an authorised installation, and is very easy to maintain, requires minimal cleaning, and also has minimal operating costs.

      An Opti-Myst fireplace has many names, so do not be confused whether it says Opti-Myst fireplace, hybrid fireplace, water vapour fireplace, water fireplace or Opti-Myst electric fireplace. These are all the same.

      How does a water vapour fireplace work?

      Most water vapour fireplaces feature the generous Opti-Myst technology. This technology is a combination of light and small water drops that creates the beautiful flames. Vapour fireplaces have a separate water tank built in, and this is where the water drops are produced through a transducer. The LED light will heat the air that pushes the drops up. These are then reflected in the light which create the flame effect.

      Opti-Myst fireplaces work on electricity, however, they do not function as heaters, but the flames will look realistic and authentic, while also being a safe and decorative piece in your home.

      A water vapour fireplace will never get so hot that there are any risk of burns, if touched. In addition to this, an electric fireplace with water vapour has a very long burn time once the tank has been filled with water - it burns between 8-10 hours per 1 litre of water.

      See all Opti-Myst water vapour fireplaces here: bioethanol-fireplace.co.uk/opti-myst-water-vapour-fireplaces