Environmentally friendly bioethanol fuel

Are you thinking about replacing your old fireplace for a more environmentally friendly alternative? Or have you always wanted to create that cosy atmosphere of a fireplace without harming the environment?

Then the right solution for you is a bioethanol fireplace! A bioethanol fireplace does not need a chimney, firewood, or cleaning after ashes - and then it is eco-friendly. So, if you also care about the environment and sustainability, you can consciously choose one of our many bio fireplaces. Our fireplaces are ignited with our CO2 neutral fuel, called bioethanol fuel. Compared to a traditional fireplace which burns on firewood and emits smoke and ash, a bioethanol fireplace is far more sustainable and emits less CO2-emissions because of the burning of the bioethanol. A bioethanol fireplace is therefore an environmental and sustainable alternative to the classic fireplace, and you can choose between a variety of options and designs which all create beautiful flames by using the bioethanol fuel.

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Bioethanol Fuel

Bioethanol fuel for fireplaces

How can bioethanol be CO2 neutral?

Even though it is hard to believe that bioethanol can create flames while being CO2 neutral at the same time, it is true!

Bioethanol can best be described as alcohol made of organic materials. Our bioethanol fuel is produced in Germany from residues from the production of plants such as potatoes, corn, or sugar cane. Through time, these green plants have absorbed CO2 through photosynthesis. When you pour the bioethanol fuel into your bioethanol fireplace to create beautiful flames, the CO2 that the plants originally absorbed is simply returned into the atmosphere. The concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere will therefore not be increased when using your bioethanol fireplace.

What kind of ethanol is the best?

This is both a frequently asked question but also a very important question. It does matter what kind of ethanol fuel you pour into your bio ethanol fireplace. Using the wrong kind of ethanol can have damaging consequences, why our most important task has been to find a supplier of bioethanol fuel whom we trust, and who will get their production safety cleared every year. In addition to this, it has also been important for us to find a supplier with a sustainable production and good working conditions. Our bioethanol is produced with an alcohol percentage of 96.6% in Germany which means that it is some of the best fuel for your fireplace. It is recommended to use a bioethanol fuel with an alcohol percentage between 95 and 97.5%.

You can expect the flames to be clean with our Premium bioethanol fuel, and you do not have to worry about soot, ash, or smoke in your home.

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If you have questions regarding our bioethanol fuel or you need help finding the right bioethanol fire, you are more than welcome to contact our customer service. We will do the best we can to help you, so you also can enjoy an environmentally friendly and sustainable bioethanol fireplace.