Freestanding Opti-Myst Fire Insert

A hybrid fireplace insert is designed to be designed to be placed in an existing fireplace opening where it is no longer possible, or desirable, to burn with ordinary wood.

The hybrid fireplace insert simply needs to be inserted into the fireplace opening and connected to electricity. No other installation is necessary before the hybrid fireplace insert is ready for use.

Products - Opti-Myst Water Vapour Fireplace Insert

    Insert Silverton for water fireplace
    Insert Silverton for water fireplace

    Silverton Hybrid Fireplace insert for Open Fireplace

    Price: £799
    Items number: HYB-10-017

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    Juneay opti-myst fireplace electric
    Juneay opti-myst fireplace electric

    Juneau Hybrid Fireplace insert for an Open Fireplace

    Price: £1,169
    Items number: HYB-10-029

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    Juneau XL water damp insert fireplace from Dimplex

    Juneau XL Hybrid Fireplace insert for Open Fireplace

    Price: £1,669
    Items number: HYB-10-030

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      What is an Opti-Myst Vapour Fireplace Insert?

      An Opti-Myst vapour fireplace insert is meant to be inserted into an existing fireplace or stove. The insert will create beautiful flames with a combination of water and electricity. The vapour fireplace just needs to be connected to power and the water tank filled with water, and it is ready to fill you home with beautiful flames and a cosy atmosphere.

      Water Fireplace - No Need for a Chimney

      A water fireplace insert simply needs to be inserted into an existing fireplace or stove, and does, therefore, not require a chimney. It is therefore easily installed and can be placed virtually anywhere. It is easy to install, and the only thing that is really required for the water vapour fire insert is electricity.

      In contrast to traditional wood burning stoves, vapour electric fire inserts do not pollute, and requires minimal maintenance and cleaning. A vapour fireplace is therefore an eco-friendly alternative, and it creates a beautiful flame without the risk of burning.

      Vapour electric fires are available with and without a heater, so they can also produce heat if desired.

      How does a Vapour Fireplace Work?

      A vapour fireplace insert features the generous Opti-Myst technology, which is patented by Faber. This technology is a combination of light and water, and together it creates the beautiful flames. Even though vapour electric fire inserts works on an electric supply, they do not function as heaters as opposed to a regular fireplace or wood burning stove, but the flames will be a realistic and decorative look in your home.

      Vapour electric fires typically has a separate water tank built in. This is where the water vapour is generated through a generator. The steam is then carried out by small LED lamps that heat the air and then "push" the steam upwards, which is what creates the realistic flames. A vapour fireplace insert has a very long burning time, and burns between 7-10 hours per 1 litre of water, but it does vary from insert to insert.

      A water vapour fire insert does not emit odours and helps maintain a good indoor climate since the flames are created only with electricity and water. It is therefore an eco-friendly alternative to a wood burning stove or fireplace.