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Are you looking for a beautiful fireplace for a good price? Then a Glow Fire fireplace is the right choice for you! Its wonderful design combined with high quality makes it a real eyecatcher. The only thing you need for this fireplace is electricity and water.

Glow Fire is a manufacturer which has an assortiment gorgeous decorative Opti-Myst fireplaces. Opti-Myst is a technologie that, with LED lightning and water vapor, creates beautiful flames. A big advantage with water fireplaces is that they only need water and electricity, which means that you can use them directly. There are different designs Opti-Myst steam fireplaces, and Glow Fire sells both freestanding and hanging fireplaces.

Another advantage is that the flames from the Cassette are incredibly realistic, yet are no dangerous whatsoever. This is because the fire does not get warm, which means that even if you stick your hand in the flames, you would not get burned. Besides this the fireplace also does not produce and smoke or ashes, which means that the upkeep of the fireplace is minimal.

All Fireplaces from Glow Fire are from top quality and fulfil the highest safety rules.

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Products - Glow Fire

Beethoven Glow Fire Hybrid Fireplace

Glow Fire Beethoven

Price: £1.698
Items number: HYB-50-101

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Kästner freestanding fireplace with Opti-Myst water vapor flames


Price: £1.698
Items number: HYB-50-102

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Hauptmann Glow Fire


Price: £1.698
Items number: HYB-50-103

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Lessing Glow Fire


Price: £1.998
Items number: HYB-50-104

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Lessing Opti-Myst water vapour fireplace from Glow Fire

Lessing With Brick

Price: £2.298
Items number: HYB-50-105

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Schiller Opti-Myst Glow Fire


Price: £1.998
Items number: HYB-50-106

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White Mozart hybrid fireplace


Price: £1.998
Items number: HYB-50-107

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To create an authentic look, there is decoration added to the fireplace. Behind the glas of the fireplace there are ceramic stones, transparent "crystal" stones or white pebbles.

Water Vapor Technology

The patented Opti-Myst water vapor technology creates exceptionally realistic flames for the real fireplace experience. Thanks to a combination of water vapor and light technology is it almost impossible to distinguish the flames from those of a real fire. The sinking steam is created out of the water tank, which together with the flame coloured lightning gives the stunning flames, that we associate with Opti-Myst fireplaces.

Some Opti-Myst fireplaces have a heat effect that is adjustable in three different levels. Our Glow Fire fireplaces exist out of built in cassettes of 40 or 60 cm width with halogeen lightning.

LED Technology

The Glow Fire LED series has a 2-dimensional flame pattern, which perfectly mimics real fire. The flame effect is created out of a rotating axis, on which reflectors have been places. This rotating axis makes that the reflectors are lighted in different ways. The combination of the flames surrounding the decoration creates a stunning image.

Advantages of Electrical and Water Vapor Fireplaces

Because electrical and water vapor fireplaces do not create real fire, they also do not produce smoke, soot or ashes, which means they do not need a chimney or smoke flue, nor do you have to spend time cleaning the fireplace. On top of that it is often possible to adjust the heat effect of the fireplaces. Thanks to this you do not have to worry that there will be too high a heat effect in a well isolated home.

Besides there is also the advantage that these fireplaces are completely safe. There is no possibility for children or pets to burn themselves on the fireplace.