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At Biofireplace Group, we collaborate daily with contractors, architects and private construction companies and many other types of businesses. Does your company also want be part of our trade collaboration?

As a business customer at Biofireplace Group, you are always offered fixed discounts, offers and direct contact to our experienced employees regarding selection and guidance.

Contact us to find out more or apply for a login in the form.

Your benefits

  ✓ Fixed discounts 
  ✓ Special offers
  ✓ Direct contact person
  ✓ Fast delivery
  ✓ Dropshipping


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What kind of business are you?

As a business customer, your company can work in many different business areas. We do not have any fixed requirements that you must work in a specific industry to become a business customer.

Most often, however, we experience that our business customers work in one of the following industries:
Architect bioethanol fireplace
Contractor bioethanol fireplace
Interior designer
Interior designers

Stores & webshops
Stores & Webshops

Business customer service

Your personal contact person

When your company is sign up as a business customer at Biofireplace Group, you will be assigned a permanent contact person.

This means that you will always get to talk to the same person who understands your needs and desires.

Brands you get access to

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