Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits

Create a cosy atmosphere in your garden or on the patio. Here you find our selection of garden fireplaces, firepits, patio heaters, etc.

Our most sold and popular outdoor fireplaces

    Muztag Marbella Patio Heater

    Muztag Marbella Patio Heater

    Price: £809
    Items number: GAS-90-501

    Special - Special - Special - Special


    Stock amount | 42

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    Tulsa corten steel firepit

    Tulsa Corten Steel Firepit

    Price: £49
    Items number: OUT-80-243

    Special - Special - Special - Special


    Stock amount | 196

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    Dubai portable fire pit

    Dubai Fire Pit Ø60

    Price: £109
    Items number: OUT-10-102

    Special - Special - Special - Special


    Stock amount | 33

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    Muztag Murcia patio heater - black

    Murcia Stylish Patio Heater

    Price: £859
    Items number: GAS-90-511

    Special - Special - Special - Special


    Stock amount | 252

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    fire starters

    Eco-Friendly Fire Starters - 50 Pcs.

    Price: £8
    Items number: OUT-90-103

    Special - Special - Special - Special


    Stock amount | 121

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    Quaruba XL rusted steel outdoor fireplace

    Quaruba XL outdoor fireplace

    Price: £1,639
    Items number: OUT-90-305

    Special - Special - Special - Special


    Stock amount | 0

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      Fireplaces For Outdoor Use

      Fire pits, fireplaces, and patio heaters for your terrace and garden in various shapes and sizes. Find everything from modern gas patio heaters to luxury fire pits and traditional barbecues.

      Create a cosy atmosphere outside and it will be an even bigger pleasure to spend your long summer evenings outdoors on the terrasse or in the garden with your loved ones.

      We have collected a large selection of the most stylish outdoor fireplace products on the market from a variety of different well-known manufactures.

      Food, wine, and the guests we can't help you with, but you will find warmth and lively cosiness right here.

      We can help you create a warm and cosy atmosphere, whether you are looking for outdoor fire pits, patio heaters or outdoor cooking essentials.

      RB73 Outdoor fireplace
      Morsø fire pit
      Delivita outdoor pizza oven
      planika corten steel gas heater

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      Bring life to your garden or patio

      There are many ways to decorate your garden, terrace or other outdoor environment. Here, we have gathered different options for you when it comes to decorating your garden. This could be a patio heater, outdoor cooking essentials or by setting up a fireplace or patio table with built-in fireplace. Another option could be to build an outdoor fireplace yourself.

      The common purpose for all outdoor fireplaces is to gather family and friends in a cosy outdoor environment.

      Patio heater

      Patio heaters can be both practical in terms of warmth, but they are also very decorative and can spice up the patio, and helps increase the cosiness on the patio. We can extend the evenings because the patio heater will increase the temperature on cold evenings. Inaddition to this, they will also function as furniture on the patio.

      A patio heater with fire will also contribute with a fireplace-like atmosphere that will leave a cosy and warmth feeling on the terrace. It is elements like these that can create unforgettable moments.

      Patio table with open fire

      One of the newer trends in the past few years is to create a patio table with an open fireplace. The flames are an integral part of the table and you can light up the fireplace in seconds. It contributes to both warmth and coziness and the heat can be adjusted as needed. Larger manufacturers of gas fireplaces, such as Planika Fires and Happy Cocooning, have designed complete patio tables with gas fireplaces.

      The smart thing about these tables is that you can combine the table and the fireplace into one. In this way, create coziness at a practical table, where you can share dinner or toast over a game of cards. If you want a unique table and you have the courage to build it yourself, that can also be done.

      Outdoor cooking

      It is not just marshmallows that be made over an outdoor fire. Outside cooking gives a certain satisfaction. Outdoor cooking has become such a trend that outdoor cooking tools for it are increasingly being developed. You can cook anything on your barbecue and you can purchase all sorts of accessories - and who doesn't want the best equipment?

      There is no doubt that cooking pizza in an outdoor oven has become very popular. It is only your imagination that sets the limit for what cannot be cooked outside with all the accessories available for you.

      Cooking on the patio has become very popular and it is a great way to keep the smell of cooking out of doors. One thing is to enjoy the blue sky while you are cooking, another is the freedom you have when you have all the right equipment at hand. More and more people are setting up outdoor kitchen where they can embark on everyday cooking. The extent to which people do this caries gently, which is also why cooking accessories are aimed at different target groups.

      See all cooking accessories here.

      Patio table with built-in fireplace

      It is also possible to purchase patio tables with built-in fireplaces so you can enjoy the flames of a fireplace all year round. It is typically a ready-made table with an integrated fireplace or smaller tabletop model to be placed on your current patio table. These fireplaces are avilable as both gas fireplaces and bio ethanol fireplaces.

      You can see all patio tables with an integrated fireplace here.

      Outdoor fire pit

      If you prefer an outdoor fireplace for cosiness and you want a more bonfire-like atmosphere, then a classic fireplace or fire pit would be ideal for you. They are also typically called a fire pit. They are typically freestanding fireplaces with a central location and eye-catching features.

      An outdoor fireplace for the patio or garden is often characterised as a piece of furniture or complete garden fireplace. We have divided the categories into garden fireplaces and fire pits. Garden fireplaces are freestanding fireplaces made of strong exterior materials that can easily withstand wind and bad weather.

      Conversely, fire pits are typically low freestanding fireplaces suitable for firewood. They are lit like a fire and burn mostly for the flames. The purpose of these fire pits is to create a campfire like atmosphere where yo can roast marshmallows.

      You cannot get enough accessories

      Accessories are an important part of outdoor cooking. Just imagine how many utensils you have in your regular kitchen - you only need a fraction of it outside, but make sure to purchase the necessary accessories, as it makes for a much better experience.

      You can obtain advantageous prices when you purchase the accessories together with a given product. We often offer packages on our products to keep shipping costs down.

      If you need help, you are welcome to contact our customer service - we are happy to help and are happy to provide inspiration and guidance for you.