Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are a must-have in every house. LED fireplaces with electricity as a driving force. The fireplaces are chic, stylish, modern, and exclusive. With an electric fireplace, you can quickly and easily create a flame effect - without any danger. The advantage of electric fireplaces is that they can be used as both a source of heating and decoration.

It does not matter what your room looks like, here you will find an electric fireplace that suits you and your home. The technology of an electric fireplace is relatively simple, as the effect comes from a light projector. The effect is a combination of beautiful glowing wood pieces that provide an authentic and realistic flame effect. Our fireplaces are available in various types and colours, like black and white.

You can also get an electric fireplace with water vapour effect called an Opti-myst fireplace.

Electric LED Fireplace

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The Electric Fireplace

The electric fireplaces can be remote controlled. You can adjust the light of the flame and also heat levels. The electric fireplace is an ideal secondary heat source for your room. You can use it in a basement where it will quickly be warm. An electric fireplace is safer than the traditional fireplace since there are no exposed flames. It is low-maintenance and does not require a chimney so it can be used even in a flat.

The electric fireplace is available for built into a wall or furniture, where you purchase the insert – this will give a very modern and nice look to the house or wherever you want to place the electric heaters.

But there are also other designs of the electric fire, e.g. a freestanding model. You can choose exactly the heater you think is the best for you on our website – if it is an insert for built into a wall or not, we will always help you if you have any questions, so feel free to contact us.

How does an Electric Fireplace Work?

The electric fireplace can be remote controlled. You can adjust light of the realistic flame and heat levels, so it won't be too hot in your room. The electric fireplace is an ideal secondary heat source. You can use it in the basement for example, where you will quickly have it warm. Electric fireplaces are safer than the traditional fireplaces since there are no exposed flames. It is low-maintenance and does not require a chimney, so it can even be used in a flat.

The electric fireplace can be mounted wherever you want in your home, the wall etc., because it is not dependent on a chimney. This is especially for the ones who do not have or want to have a chimney. The only thing an electric fireplace requires is a power supply. At the same time, it also has an incredibly low energy consumption, as the consumption costs are only around approx. 10 cents per hour.

Moreover, an electric fireplace is also smart, which means that it can be switched on or adjusted via a remote control. At the same time, an electric fireplace is also perfect as an additional heat source for cold evenings.

The technology in an electric fireplace is relatively simple, the flames come from a light project on a rotating coil. This combined with the glowing wood pieces gives a realistic fire effect and aesthetic appearance. Because there is no combustion, the fireplace emits no harmful substances or CO2. An electric fire does not harm to the environment, so that you can enjoy it with a good conscience.

Furthermore, with an electric fire you get a quantity of control that you cannot get with another type of fire. The so-called fire is created when you plug in the power cord, and the installation is done with it. Although an electric fire has no real fire, the beautiful "fire" that is created will still attract attention in your home. You also do not have to worry about children or animals because an electric fireplace does not get hot enough to cause burns.

All in all, you can leave your room without any kind of worries that a fire might break out or not. The quick and easy creation of the flame effect without danger, the non-maintenance, and the special technology makes an electric fireplace a special piece that should not be missed in any house.

Why Use an Electric Fireplace as a Decorative Element?

An electric fireplace is becoming increasingly popular and we understand why. The electric fireplace is a central design element in your home, which creates incredibly beautiful and authentic flames and further these fireplaces also works as heaters. The electric fireplace is timeless, incredibly versatile and adapts to any furnishing style.

The selection of electric fireplaces has grown steadily over the past years. The electric fireplace manufacturers always have new, innovative ideas. In the meantime, there are many models where you can set the time and choose your desired flame colour.

Further all electric fireplaces do not have any infrared lights, but looks very realistic. If you want to save space, then we have a lot of electric fireplaces to place on the wall, so they will not take any space from the floor. This product comes in black, white as well as other special colours.

Maybe you have heard of electric fireplaces that burns on water? These are called Opti-Myst fireplaces. Sounds interesting? See all Opti-Myst fireplaces here.

Fireplace Powered by Electricity, Bio Fireplaces and Gas Fires – What is the Difference?

A lot of doubts arise when it comes to tell the differences between the different fireplaces. However, let us emphasise right away: Bio fireplaces are quite different from electric fireplaces. A bioethanol fire is run by bioethanol fuel. It creates a real and living flame. In addition, it contributes with a heat effect that can be used as a supplement in the home. The heat can typically be regulated in levels - either manually or via a remote control.

The "fuel” of the electric fireplace is, as known, electricity. It is cheaper to operate electric fireplaces compared to bio ethanol fires, however, when the heat is activated in the electric fireplaces, consumption will increase significantly, but still at a level below an ethanol fireplace. The electric fireplaces will not heat to the same extent as a bioethanol fire or a classic wood-burning stove. The flame in an electric fireplace comes from LED lights – so they are totally safe to use!

Generally, a wood stove, or a gas fireplace for that matter, are in a categories to themselves. They can deduce a lot of heat, and in some cases are too powerful to install in a well-isolated house. The gas fires and wood-burning stoves need a chimney and ventilation, that an electric fireplace and bioethanol fire do not.

What is included with my electric fireplace?

We always try to deliver complete products. For that reason we have collected everything you need to lighten up your fire:

  • Electric fireplace
  • Power cable
  • Decoration
  • Remote control
  • User guide
  • Installation guide
  • Contact information

These realistic electric fireplaces are often used in restaurants etc. where they are making a nice heat and nice looking flame on the wall. Can I use this fireplace for heating up my room, you might think? Yes you can, it is possible to adjust the heat output on the remote control or directly on the fireplace. These fires comes without any infrared lights, which makes it possible to enjoy the heat and realistic flames without any annoying infrared lights.

Please do not hesitate getting in touch with us if you have any questions concerning our products. You are more than welcome to contact us at any time. We will guide you through any kind of questions varying from the purchase until the delivery of the product.

We would also like to help you if you are unsure about which fireplace to choose or if it suits your home. Feel free to contact us via e-mail, phone, Facebook, Instagram and/or live chat. See more in the section "contact us”.

You can also try to take a look on our youtube channel, where we have shared videos of our electric fireplaces but also the other types of fireplaces we have, such as wood stoves, bioethanol fireplaces, gas fires, hybrid fireplaces from e.g. Dimplex.