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I-Wood Acoustic Panels

I-Wood is a Danish manufacturer of sustainable acoustic panels that can be used for ceiling and wall cladding. They are very much in favor of the essential certifications and approvals being in order, as quality and the environment play a big part. The panels are therefore of high quality that in addition to creating a gorgeous visual expression and ensures a better indoor climate.

The idea with I-Wood is to make it as easy as possible to mount slatted ceilings and wall coverings. Sustainability is ensured through recycled plastic which, among other things, has been collected from the world's oceans. In addition, the wood itself is from FSC-certified dealers, which means that the wood is exclusively from forests where no more trees are felled than the forest can reproduce. There is thus a great focus on the reproduction of plant life, good working conditions, and better wildlife.

Acoustic panels have become really popular in 2020 and are often seen in combination with fireplaces.

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I-Wood panels

Products - I-Wood Acoustic Panels

i-Wood Basic acoustic panel

I-Wood Acoustic Panel - Basic

Price: £80
Items number: BIO-P106

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i-Wood Pro + acoustic panel

I-Wood Acoustic panel - Pro +

Price: £119
Items number: BIO-P107

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i-Wood class cladding

I-Wood Acoustic panel Pro for ceiling with class 2 fire cladding

Price: £138
Items number: BIO-P108

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i-Wood Basic sample

I-Wood sample

Price: £5
Items number: BIO-P109

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i-Wood Basic finish list

I-Wood finish list

Price: £59
Items number: BIO-P110

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