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What defines the price of a biofireplace?

What defines the price of a biofireplace?There are many models of bioethanol fireplace in the market with different prices. At first glance we cannot always see what determines a higher price in a certain model. What should we look after when buying a biofireplace to make sure that we do not pay too much? Read it here!

Biofires and indoor climate

Biofires and indoor climateYou probably already know benefits of the popular biofireplaces. Here at can you find a great mix of biofires consisting of different types of bioethanol fires such as freestanding and wall-mounted. They create a very cosy atmosphere and warmth and are easy to install. However, as many other traditional fireplaces does a biofireplace create an open flame that has an impact on your indoor climate. You can compare it to having a very big candle ignited in your room. You may ask which impact it has - something we describe in this post.

What is bioethanol?

What is bioethanol?You have probably already had the chance to see biofireplaces in different contexts and - perhaps - even looking for one. It would be a pretty good acquisition for your living room, terrace or summerhouse, as biofireplaces fits and decorates almost every setting. In this post you can learn more about what biofireplaces fuel on: Bioethanol.

How do I transform a traditional fireplace into a bioethanol fireplace?

How do I transform a traditional fireplace into a bioethanol fireplace? We receive many consults from customers that wish to transform their old fireplace into a modern and elegant bio fireplace. Many people consider it a bad investment to transform a traditional fireplace into a bio fireplace, due to the little heat that the bio fireplace produces. Sometimes it can be even half than the one a traditional fireplace produces. But normally, there are more factors that affect this decision. In most of the cases, it is when the chimney is not working and therefore the traditional fireplace is no longer an option, that the option to transform it into a bio fireplace comes to be ideal.

How to extinguish a fire caused by bioethanol

How to extinguish a fire caused by bioethanolWe all know that the fuel for bio fireplaces is bioethanol and that in case of an uncontrolled fire we should NEVER use water the extinguish it. But then what should we do?

Even though the chance is small, it’s always good to be prepared.

The danger of cheap biofireplaces

The danger of cheap biofireplacesMost of the accidents related to fireplaces that we have heard about, happen due to the unsuspected low quality of the biofireplaces.