Decoration For Ethanol Fireplaces

You would like to give your ethanol fireplace the final touch and make your bioethanol fireplace something very special? The solution is fireplace decoration from our bioethanol fireplace shop.

The great thing about our fireplace accessories is that it is usually inexpensive to purchase. With it, you give your bioethanol fireplace a special expression and design. Decorate your fireplace and give it a unique touch.

Glows for bioethanol fireplaces

Products - Decoration For Bio Fires

Decoration wood mix of 5 pieces for bio fireplaces

Decoration wood Mix - 5 pcs.

Price: £70
Items number: BIO-80-054

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5 Decorative, ceramic wooden logs in realistic design for use with ethanol fireplace to achieve traditional look.

Ceramics Wood 5 pcs.

Price 60 Now £58
Items number: BIO303

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8 Ceramic, decorative wood-look logs, an ornamental addition for your bioethanol fireplace.

Ceramics Wood 8 pcs.

Price: £60
Items number: PEJS-05-04

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9 Ceramic, decorative wood-look logs, an ornamental addition for your bioethanol fireplace.

Ceramics Wood 9 pcs.

Price: £60
Items number: PEJS-05-05

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Authentic decoration wood for bioethanol fires - 4 pcs. mix.

Authentic decoration wood for bioethanol fires - 4 pcs. mix.

Price: £60
Items number: PEJS-05-06

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Birch wood

Birch wood

Price: £60
Items number: PEJS-05-07

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Six pieces of ceramic wood- style logs for traditional look decoration in bio ethanol fireplace.

Ceramics Birchwood 6 pcs.

Price 95 Now £94
Items number: BIO313

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Planika Fires ceramic stones

Tray of White Ceramic Stones for Planika Bio Fires

Price: £65
Items number: BIO-60-067-stone

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Planika Fires Ceramic wood

Tray with ceramic wood for Planika bio fireplaces

Price: £115
Items number: BIO-60-067-wood

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24 Grey ceramic pebbles, an elegant bio fireplace decoration that makes the fire even more inviting.

Ceramics Pebbles (Grey - 24 pieces)

Price: £45
Items number: PEJS-05-03

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24 Black ceramic pebbles, an elegant bio fireplace decoration that makes the fire even more inviting.

Ceramics Pebbles (Black - 24 pieces)

Price: £45
Items number: PEJS-05-01

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24 White ceramic pebbles, an elegant bio fireplace decoration that makes the fire even more inviting.

Ceramics Pebbles (White 24 pieces)

Price: £45
Items number: PEJS-05-02

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Create a glowing effect in you biofire

Glow flame fiber for bio fire

Price: £54
Items number: BIO363

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Types of Fireplace Decoration

We at carry several types of decoration articles as can be used on the ethanol fireplaces in the home or outdoor. In general, it is necessary to classify them into two categories. The first category is fireplace ornaments, or decorations, which are supposed to make the visual more beautiful. The second type of decoration is intended to improve the indoor climate.

The first category includes any products such as lights, candles, wood or stones. These are, as mentioned above, suitable for visually embellishing the fireplace to make a nice design or look.

Products belonging to the second category are any waxes and oils. These are heated and give off a beautiful and natural smell, which helps to improve the air in the room and, if you like, "beautifies" it. More about this later.

The decoration can be used for the freestanding, built-in fireplaces and some others – it only depends on how big the decoration is and how much space there is around the burner in the fireplace. A lot of wall mounted fireplaces is too small to have the ceramic decoration, but then you can use the fragrances instead.

For the gas and electric fires there are some specific decoration as should be used, so if you want decoration for a gas or electric fireplace, then contact us, then we can help you finding the right decoration for your gas or electric fireplace.

Fireplace Decoration is not Only Something for the Eye

As mentioned above, there are also decoration articles that are not intended to visually enhance the room, but to improve the air in the room. This category can again be divided into two subcategories. On the one hand, we have the so-called waxes and on the other hand, the oils. Both contribute to the improvement of the indoor air but are to be used differently. Here is how!

Bioethanol Fireplace - Decorative Wax

Scented wax is, as the name suggests, a small block of wax that gives off a beautiful scent when heated. The blocks are available in many different scents and are relatively inexpensive. The range of available fragrances is wide and there is something for every taste. On average a block of 6 cubes costs about 5 £

To apply the scented wax, you first have to break off one cube from the block. The mold is specially designed so that it is not difficult to break it off. If you know beforehand that you don't want the fireplace to burn for a long time, you can also simply break off half a piece of the block. This way you can enjoy the fragrant wax for longer.

Once you have broken off some of the wax, the piece must be placed on the burner so that the scent can spread throughout the room. It is important not to place the piece on the stove when it is already warm, but to let the stove and wax warm up at the same time. This is achieved by placing the wax on the burner before lighting the fireplace. It is also important that the wax is not placed on the edge of the fireplace or on the fireplace console!

After the stove is off, any excess wax can be easily removed with a cloth or rag and some hot water.

Bioethanol Fireplace - Decorative Oil

The second category in the non-visual fireplace decoration, are the oils. These work similar to wax. When the oil is heated, it releases a beautiful fragrance, depending on the chosen scent, which quickly fills the whole room.

This probably happens by itself, but since the scented oil is not in solid form, it cannot simply be placed on the stove. We recommend a fireproof bowl in which the oil can be drizzled. Only a little oil is needed and the whole room will be filled with a beautiful fragrance. Excess oil or oil that has not evaporated can easily be disposed of. There is no danger of burning after cooling down. Another option is to put the a few drops of the fragrance directly into the ethanol, and let it burn – then you can’t see the fragrances but only get the nice aroma.

A Large Variety of Scents to Choose From

For both categories, both wax and oil, there are different fragrances. These should, of course, be selected primarily according to individual taste and preference.

Nevertheless, we at have made sure that there are also seasonal scents so that there is something beautiful for you all year round. For example, we can warmly recommend a pleasant cinnamon scent for the winter. This warms you up immediately and fits easily into this cold but great season. For the summer we recommend a pleasant light lavender scent. It smells immediately like summer and makes you dream of warm sun and beautiful flowers.

As already mentioned, you and your taste decide which fragrance suits you best. If you need help in making your choice or would like to find out more about the available varieties, we will be happy to provide you with information and helpful tips – so feel free to ask us.

New Design for your Fireplace - Very Simple!

Although our decorative pieces have a long life span, you may want to replace them at some point to give the fireplace in your home a new look. The easiest way to do this is to replace your decorative pieces that have been in the fire for a long time with newer ones.

Since it is important for us to always have just the right thing ready for you, we have put together a large selection of decorative pieces in various shapes, sizes, and designs. No matter whether you have a wall fireplace, a free-standing fireplace or a beautiful organic own creation, with us you will always find the right decorative piece.

If the rare case should occur and we do not have what you are looking for, then please contact us by calling us, writing an email or using our online chat, so that we can quickly find the right one for you and your fireplace.

The decoration will not affect the flame, if you use it as recommended.

Bought Inferior Ethanol? No Problem, We Have the Solution!

Some fireplaces and open fires can cause bad odours. This often happens when using a gel fireplace, for example. The reason why some gel fireplaces and fires smell bad is because of inferior fuel.

Important to consider when buying fuel is the degree of purity. The fuel is basically alcohol, produced from biological materials such as corn or similar. The alcohol content of this fuel should ideally be 96.6% to ensure clean burning and minimal odour from the bio ethanol. Odours from an open fire, especially in the living room, can quickly become unpleasant.

However, if for some reason you have out of stock and have bought ethanol of inferior quality, we have a remedy for you. Scented waxes and oils are the perfect solutions here to cover and even neutralize unpleasant odors from the fireplace and fireplace fire.

It is important to note that when using inferior quality fuel, it must not be diluted! If you do so, there is no increased fire risk from your deco fireplace, but the burning or burning behavior of the deco fireplace will deteriorate immensely.

Ceramic Wood

Fireplace deco-logs, also called ceramic wood, is a relatively new invention for the deco-stove. As the name suggests, the decoration is made of ceramic and is therefore very robust and durable. Ceramic is a very versatile and easily workable material. That is why great things can be made of ceramic. This can also be seen in our ceramic woods. The grain and the appearance of the woods are very lifelike you can hardly tell the difference to real forest wood.

You can place the ceramic decoration either on the burner of the fireplace around the flame, the fireplace surround or in the fireplace itself. The decorative logs adapts wonderfully to its surroundings with the modern and realistic design. It’s therefore very versatile.

We will not recommend to place the woods directly into the flame since that can make a bad smell from the ethanol.

Because of the versatile material, there are ceramic woods in many different designs and finishes. Mostly the forest wood is sold as a multi-piece set so that you can quickly have a large collection of woods together. Furthermore, you can choose what kind of decoration you want to have. In our shop, you will find for example birch and fir.

In 2019, the trend and the general furnishing style will tend towards black and an elegant style. Our decorations are a perfect match for this style of furnishing and therefore also work very well with black. The logs are very adaptable and of high quality.

Ceramic Stones for the Decorative Fireplace

In addition to the ceramic woods, ceramic stone is also very popular. This is available in several colors, such as white or black. The great thing about ceramic stones is that they can be placed almost anywhere. They fit in the decorative fireplace itself, on the fireplace console, the fireplace surround, the mantelpiece or anywhere else where there is room for them.

The same apply here as for the wood. We don’t recommend to place the stones directly in the flame, because it can make a bad smell from the bio ethanol.

At the moment you will find unique offers on our website. The set of 24 stones comes either in white or black for only 49 £ incl. shipping. The shipping is done by a renowned and fast shipping company.

Although the stones are not fireproof, they can easily be placed in the fireplace itself. Nevertheless, the elegant style and modern design of the stones are not to be misjudged. Although it does not create the natural look of ceramic wood, it is at least as stylish and noble.

Important to know About Bioethanol Fireplace Decorations

So what can we say about the decoration for bio ethanol fireplaces?

  • Bioethanol fireplace decoration for bio fireplaces
  • Ceramic wood
  • Oil and gel fragrances
  • You can put the oil fragrance directly into the ethanol or place it on the burner
  • The gel fragrances is placed on the burner
  • Makes a nice design and look to the fireplace
  • Can be used for both indoor and outdoor fireplaces
  • The woods may not get water
  • Can be used in the most ethanol fireplaces as freestanding and built in, but some wall mounted fireplaces is to small for ceramic decoration

The Durability of the Decoration Pieces

Our decoration pieces are designed for high demands and therefore, in contrast to other decoration pieces, do not need to be replaced regularly. Our ceramic wood has stated durability of 200 hours of actual firing time and is therefore very long lasting. A nice side effect is that the ceramic wood takes on a beautiful natural color after a certain period of time due to the flames of the bio-fireplace. This creates a beautiful, natural effect.

We are here for you!

We at are of course always here for you through many channels. Whether you have a question, a request or perhaps ideas for a decoration theme, we are of course happy to help you with advice and support.

Our competent and knowledgeable team of experienced employees is there for you from Monday to Friday. You will find the respective contact details on our homepage.

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