Mounted Bioethanol Fireplaces

The bioethanol fireplace is available in many different versions and in many different designs. In the following section, we would like to introduce you to our wide selection of ethanol fireplaces.

A rather unusual, but very elegant variant of the ethanol fireplaces are the wall-mounted fireplaces. These are, as the name suggests, installed on the wall. Normally, ordinary walls have enough load-bearing capacity for such a mounted bio fireplace.

The alternative would be ceiling-mounted fireplaces. These hanging ethanol fireplaces immediately spread a cosy and romantic atmosphere.

This type of fireplace offers a variety of possibilities for your home. The design of hanging ethanol fireplaces ranges from simple stainless steel-metal products to intricately crafted fireplaces with noble and high-quality decorations and applications. Even if they are slightly more complicated to install, compared to free-standing bio-fireplaces, they are still quite easy to install. If you have any questions, we are always ready to help you with any questions you may have.

In order to offer something for every taste and style of furnishing, we at have put together a great selection of high-quality fireplaces for you. You will find our entire range of mounted and hanging ethanol fireplaces on the website. Here you will also find a variety of other bioethanol fireplace variants, such as open built-in fireplaces, automatic fireplaces for outdoors and indoors, and more.

Mounted bio fireplaces

Products - All Mounted Bioethanol Fireplaces

Type of burner
Size width
Celing-mounted bioethanol fireplace Cocoon Aeris Black with steel mounting rod

Cocoon Aeris - Black with steel mount

Price: £1.998
Items number: BIO-70-101

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Aeris from Cocoon Fires

Cocoon Aeris in mat black with a black ceiling rod

Price: £2.398
Items number: BIO-70-116

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Cocoon Fires Aeris in steel

Cocoon Aeris in polished steel

Price: £3.358
Items number: BIO-70-102

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Black, wall mounted fireplace with a safety glass window panel. Lightweight at 10 kg, yet solid.

Nevada Wall Mounted Biofireplace

Price: £235
Items number: BIO-10-008

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Elegant wall mounted fireplace in striking black, featuring a 1,5L burner.

Elegant black wall mounted fireplace

Price: £235
Items number: BIO-10-040

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Very large and inviting bio ethanol fireplace produced in powder coated steel. Three burners.

Large Wall Mounted Biofireplace in White

Price: £820
Items number: BIO-10-017W

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Large and exclusive bio ethanol fireplace in a homely design finished in powder coated steel.

Large Wall Mounted Biofireplace

Price: £820
Items number: BIO-10-017

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Xaralyn Umbria White wall-mounted bioethanol fireplace

Umbria Wall-mounted Biofireplace

Price: £1.618
Items number: BIO-60-106

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Circular bio fireplace for the wall

Unique round bio fireplace for the wall in black

Price: £585
Items number: BIO-10-052BK

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White circle bio fireplace for the wall

Unique round bio fireplace for the wall in white

Price: £585
Items number: BIO-10-052WH

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Oval bio fireplace for wall mounting

Oval Wall Hanging Slim Fireplace

Price: £730
Items number: BIO-10-056

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Round wall mounted bio fireplace

Unique Round Design Fireplace - Ø80

Price: £820
Items number: BIO-10-057

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Roudn bio fireplace for wall mounting

Unique round design fireplace - Ø50

Price: £525
Items number: BIO-10-058

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Beautiful wall mounted fireplace in white. Including a 1.5 l burner and a glass window panel.

Wall Mounted Biofireplace in White

Price: £820
Items number: BIO-10-044

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Beautiful wall mounted fireplace in black. Featuring a 1.5l burner and a glass window panel.

Wall Mounted Biofireplace in Black

Price: £820
Items number: BIO-10-045

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Super simple and sleek white bioethanol fireplace for wall mounting. Expected burn time is up to 5 hours per filling.

Large White Biofireplace for Wall Mounting

Price: £585
Items number: BIO-10-034

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Super simple and sleek black bioethanol fireplace for wall mounting. Expected burn time is up to 5 hours per filling.

Large Black Biofireplace for Wall Mounting

Price: £585
Items number: BIO-10-048

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Large steel fireplace for wall mounting  Burning time: 5 hours. Dimensions: 90 x 43 x 20 cm

Large Steel Wall Biofireplace

Price 585 Now £454
Items number: BIO-10-005

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Stainless steel bio fireplace. Multifunctional fire that can be wall mounted or floor standing.

Stainless steel wall biofireplace

Price: £585
Items number: BIO-10-013

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Contemporary, black steel bioethanol fireplace. The 800 ml  burner provides up to 4 hours of burning time.

Goya Grey Wall-mounted

Price: £1.018
Items number: BIO-60-108

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Contemporary, white steel bioethanol fireplace. The 1L  burner provides up to 4 hours of burning time.

Goya White Wall-mounted Fire

Price: £898
Items number: BIO-60-109

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Xaralyn Bioethanol wall fireplace Goya - stone wall

Goya Wall-mounted Bio Fireplace - Stone Wall

Price: £1.018
Items number: BIO-60-139

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Bio fire Goya, black wall fireplace

Goya Black Wall-mounted Fire

Price: £760
Items number: BIO-60-109B

More information

Large stainless steel bio fireplace for the wall mounting with a glass panel. Featuring 3 burners.

Big XL stainless steel biofireplace for the wall

Price: £645
Items number: BIO-10-014

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Exclusively designed bio ethanol fireplace with a glass panel. Burning time 5h.

Vertical bioethanol fireplace in black

Price: £470
Items number: BIO-10-042

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Uniquely designed bio ethanol wall fireplace with a glass window panel. Burning time 3 hours.

Vertical bioethanol fireplace

Price: £470
Items number: BIO-10-019

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Cocoon Vellum black mat

Cocoon Vellum wall mounted bio fire in black mat

Price: £2.398
Items number: BIO-70-107

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Cocoon Vellum polished steel

Coccon Vellum wall mounted bio fire in polished steel

Price: £3.358
Items number: BIO-70-108

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Prometheus PB Safretti bio fireplace

Safretti Prometheus PB - Black

Price: £1.105
Items number: BIO-60-226

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Wall mounted, stainless steel bio fireplace in a curved design. Dimensions: 55 x 60 x 17 cm

Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Biofireplace

Price: £350
Items number: BIO-10-007

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Safretti Prometheus PG

Safretti Prometheus PG - Grey

Price: £1.105
Items number: BIO-60-227

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Ethanolnol fireplace in white

White wall mounted bio fireplace

Price: £350
Items number: BIO-10-007-WH

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Curved wall mounted bioethanol fireplace in black

Wall mounted bioethanol fireplace - black

Price: £350
Items number: BIO-10-007-BK

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Safretti Prometheus RB - Black bio fireplace for wall mounting

Safretti Prometheus RB - Black

Price: £1.625
Items number: BIO-60-224

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Safretti Prometheus RG - Black bio fireplace for wall mounting

Safretti Prometheus RG - Grey

Price: £1.625
Items number: BIO-60-225

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Safretti Prometheus OB - Black bio fireplace for wall mounting

Safretti Prometheus OB - Black

Price: £2.105
Items number: BIO-60-222

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Safretti Prometheus OG - Grey bio fireplace for wall mounting

Safretti Prometheus OG - Grey

Price: £2.105
Items number: BIO-60-223

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Impressive fireplace with 2 burners, each 1,5L . Burning time of up to 6h. D: 40 x 120 x 21 cm

Double Nevada Biofireplace

Price: £470
Items number: BIO-10-020

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Safretti Gaya wall hanging bio fireplace of aluminium

Safretti Gaya

Price: £1.280
Items number: BIO-60-230

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Elegantly designed, black bio fireplace for wall mounting with a burning time of up to 4 hours.

Rectangular Curved Biofireplace in Black

Price 585 Now £454
Items number: BIO-10-016

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Safretti Riviera LE GL wall hanging bio fireplace

Safretti Riviera LE GL

Price: £1.105
Items number: BIO-60-221

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Safretti Riviera EN GL wall ganging bio fireplace

Safretti Riviera EN GL

Price: £1.325
Items number: BIO-60-220

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Beautiful, double wall hanging bio fireplace from Safretti

Safretti Riviera DU GL

Price: £1.635
Items number: BIO-60-219

More information

White round bio fireplace for the wall

Bio fireplace in white made in a circle shape

Price: £470
Items number: BIO-10-003WH

More information

Bio ethanol fireplace in stainless steel that can be free standing or wall mounted.

90 cm wide bioethanol fireplace

Price: £410
Items number: BIO-10-035

More information

Elegant, stainless steel bio ethanol fireplace with a beautifully designed frame.

Steel frame wall biofireplace

Price: £410
Items number: BIO-10-012

More information

Ceiling Bio fireplace, produced of steel. The hanging design creates a contemporary look.

Ceiling mounted bioethanol fireplace (black)

Price: £880
Items number: BIO-40-002

More information

Ceiling Bio fireplace produced of steel. The hanging design creates a contemporary look.

Ceiling Mounted Bioethanol Fireplace (White)

Price: £1.055
Items number: BIO-40-003

More information

Stainless steel bio fireplace for wall mounting or wall integration. Burning time 5 h.

Stainless steel biofireplace for the wall

Price 585 Now £574
Items number: BIO-10-030

More information

Black ethanol fireplace which can be mounted on the wall, or be placed on the floor.

Black steel wall mounted ethanol fireplace

Price: £585
Items number: BIO-10-047

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Advantages of an Ethanol Wall Fireplace

A bioethanol fireplace, that can be mounted on the wall, offers many advantages. Compared to a free-standing fireplace, the ethanol wall fireplace saves a lot more space in your home. Since the fireplace is mounted on the wall, it does not take up any space on the floor of your room and is therefore perfectly suited for smaller apartments or smaller rooms.

Another advantage of these modern fireplaces for mounting on the wall in your home, is that they are relatively cheap to buy. Of course, there are also higher priced models, but in a 1:1 comparison, ethanol fireplaces for hanging are usually a little cheaper. It's worth mentioning, that the operation and maintenance costs are pretty much the same as for a normal fireplace stove. It is not the fireplace variant that determines the consumption and the price, but the capacity of the combustion chamber.

Another advantage of these fireplaces is that it cannot be overturned. An upright freestanding bio fireplace on the floor is normally not fixed and can, therefore, be a potential source of danger, if it were to be pushed or bumped into. Especially in households with children or pets, this danger should not be underestimated.

A wall mounted or ceiling mounted ethanol fireplace can logically neither fall over or fall down. The potential fire hazard does not exist here.

Another of the many advantages of wall-mounted bio-fireplaces is that they are available in many different models, shapes, and designs – so if you want a stainless steel, black, white or another color, then it’s possible. No matter whether you are looking for a wall bio fireplace for a small 2-bedroom apartment, or something bigger for your home, you will almost always find what you are looking for, due to our wide selection.

Of course, a wall mounted bio fireplace offers the same advantages as other bio fires, compared to gas and wood fireplaces. For example, an ethanol wall fireplace does not need a chimney/flue. The safety of a wall-mounted fireplace is TÜV-verified, same as our other bioethanol fireplaces.

How are Bio Ethanol Wall Fires Installed and What do I Have to Pay Attention to?

A question that we are often asked by our customers, is what to pay attention to when installing a wall ethanol fireplace at home. It is a great question, because of course safety should be considered when installing a fireplace with possible fire hazards.

Let's clearify - there are a few things to consider when installing a wall-hanging bio fireplace. Firstly, there is the load-bearing capacity of the wall on which the bioethanol fireplace is to be hung.

You should therefore first find out the weight of the bio fireplace. The easiest way to do this, is to check the respective products page in our shop. Here, in addition to weight, we also have a lot of other useful information about your product. After you have found out the weight, you should compare it with the load capacity of your wall. If the load capacity is too low, you will have to find another place for the decorative stove.

We would, however, like to add that we have never experienced any case, where the load-bearing capacity was too low for the weight of the ethanol fireplace. So if you have a standard wall, you can usually assume that the load-bearing capacity will be sufficient.

Another factor to consider is whether the wall, upon which the fireplace is to be attached, is fireproof. This must be checked under all circumstances, otherwise, unexpected dangers may arise. Although many of our ethanol fireplace products have a fireproof rear wall, the supporting wall should also be fireproof for maximum safety. Fireproof materials here are for example stone, concrete or brick.

After the load-bearing capacity and fire-resistance materials have been determined, it is important to consult the instructions for use. These should be taken to hand, as not every ethanol fireplace is the same, and not every installation is the same. Where some ethanol fireplaces require support brackets or accessories for installation, it is sufficient for other bio fireplaces to mount them directly on the wall using fixed screws. Any accessories required are always included.

Every step of the instructions must be followed, otherwise, accidents or improper installation may occur, which in turn may have unpleasant consequences later. The assembly and operating instructions must, therefore, be read and understood before starting assembly. If you do not understand any points in the instructions or you need help in any other way, please contact us, and we will attempt to help you with the installation of you ethanol fireplace.

It is advisable to work in pairs during assembly of a bio fireplace. An ethanol fireplace can be heavy and it is, therefore, recommended to work in pairs, especially when hanging it without proffesional help.

After mounting the ethanol fireplace, you can start using it immediately. But remember that the ethanol fireplaces burns with a real flame, so you have to keep in mind which elements or things you are placing close to the bio fireplace.

The Right Design is a Must

We have the right thing for every taste. The design has to be just right, therefore we have the popular decorative ethanol fireplace for hanging in many different designs. Both for indoor and outdoor use. Whether in the color black and modern or rather something classic; we have all this available for you!

One design that is very popular is the round shape. A round bioethanol fireplace looks very elegant on the wall and can be chosen in many different colors. The material of a round, decorative ethanol fireplace is usually stainless steel.

The rectangular ethanol fireplace is also very popular. This is available with both rounded and non-rounded corners. Both are very beautiful and very popular in 2020. Premium stainless steel metal is also mostly used for this type of ethanol fireplace. But many of the ethanol fireplaces is also available in black and white.

If you need more information about the different ethanol fireplace designs, or which ethanol fireplace will be the best in your home, we will be happy to answer your questions.

Ethanol fireplaces is not only available for mounting on the wall, we also have some other types of fireplaces, for example mantel bioethanol fireplaces.

Basics about the Fire in a Bioethanol Fireplace

For a fire to burn, it needs 3 things. One is fuel. The fuel of an ethanol fireplace is, as the name suggests, ethanol. In our case, this is not just any ethanol, but environmentally friendly bioethanol. In an electric fireplace, the electricity would be the fuel.

Second, we have the heat. This heat is generated when the fuel is heated by the initial ignition and is then further retained by the flame.

Lastly, a fire in a bio fireplace needs oxygen to burn. Oxygen is not something that we have to add to the fire, it is contained in the air.

But fire does not just need oxygen to burn, it also consumes it. This means that the oxygen in the area, with a burning ethanol fireplace, will decrease over time. This has an effect on the people in that area. Just like fire, people need oxygen to live.

At this point, we would also like for tit to be mentioned, that a bioethanol fireplace is not a heater. Unlike an ethanol fireplace, a heater serves as the primary source of heat. An ethanol fireplace cannot be used as a primary source of heating.

Hanging Bioethanol Fireplaces for Indoor Areas

Bio fireplaces for hanging are usually mounted indoors but are not limited to that – it is also possible to mount the bio fireplace outdoor. Before a bio fireplace is mounted indoors, there are a few things to consider.

Firstly, the load-bearing capacity of the wall, on which the fireplace is to be hung, must be taken into account. This should be checked beforehand, for the necessary load capacity. If the bearing capacity is not sufficient, the bio fireplace must be mounted on a different wall, or a different form of installation should be found. This could be a freestanding bioethanol fireplace or a built-in bioethanol fireplace.

The size of the room must also be taken into account. If possible, the room size should match the fireplace size. We will further explain the reasons for this on this page.

If you want a built-in fireplace that will have to be recessed into the wall or a furniture, this is also possible. We have a huge selection of different ethanol fireplaces. Should you want a freestanding, hanging or one to be recessed – this is all possible.

Hanging Bioethanol Fireplaces for Outdoor Areas

As mentioned above, ethanol wall fireplaces are not limited to indoor use. They can just as well be used and installed outdoor, where it can add a modern look to your outdoor area.

In order for the ethanol fireplace to be able to be mounted outside, it logically requires a wall. This can be built separately or you can use an existing wall. Using an existing one to mount the ethanol fireplace on, is not an option for some people, as there is simply none available. Many of our customers have therefore built a brick or concrete wall to mount a fireplace on. A perfect do-it-yourself project that doesn't cost much. Check out our customers pictures to get inspiration.

Just as with indoor use, the load-bearing capacity of the wall must be taken into account, when installing the fireplace. This should be high enough to support the fireplace while hanging.

A large number of our customers have hung a bioethanol wall fireplace on a shed wall. This looks super great and modern, and is very space-saving. If the shed wall is near the terrace, this is of course even better.

A big advantage when placing our bioethanol fireplace in the outdoor area, is that they are a great source of light on warm summer evenings. You wont need any other lights, you can simply light the bioethanol fireplace. A practical and environmentally friendly solution!

For outdoor use, it is also possible to buy a built-in fireplace, that should be recessed into the wall or in a furniture – it’s up to you.

If you have questions about the bio fireplaces on our shop, feel free to contact us.

The Combustion Chamber of a Bioethanol Fireplace

The selection of wall fireplaces is large, and the same goes for the choice of combustion chamber. In our shop, you will find different sizes from 0.3 liters up to 1.5 liters – the bigger the burner, the bigger the flame will be.

The most common size for wall fires is 1.5 liters. With this capacity, you can expect a burning time of up to 6 hours per filling.

Some of the larger models have more than one combustion chamber. We provide wall fires with up to six combustion chambers, lined up side by side. However, the most common, is one or two combustion chambers per wall fireplace.

Ventilation and Room Size

When using a bioethanol fireplace there is not much to consider – and you’re mostly free to use it where you want. But there is one thing that could literally give you a headache if you do not pay attention.

The Oxygen Supply is Important!

Now some of you may think that there is a danger of suffocation, when you sit for a long time in an area with a lit bio fireplace. For those of you, we can quickly tell you that this is not the case. A bioethanol fireplace will never be able to consume so much oxygen that a person could suffocate.

What can happen, however, is that after a certain time you could get a headache. This is not as severe, but as we all know, it is not very pleasant. But how can we prevent this? Very simple; the keyword is "airing".

To prevent the consumption of oxygen by an ethanol fireplace, it is sufficient to leave a window open when operating the fireplace. In this way, new oxygen flows continuously into the room. If you have a ventilation system with fresh air, in your house or apartment, you do not need to have a window open when using the bio fireplace.

The Size of a Room Determines the Size of the Fireplace

Although an open window supplies the room with sufficient fresh air and thus oxygen, every area in which a bioethanol fireplace is located should have a certain minimum size. So what is the minimum size?

The minimum size of a room depends on the size of the combustion chamber of the bioethanol fireplace. The larger the combustion chamber, the more bioethanol it consumes and thus it consumes more oxygen.

We have created a practical diagram for you. From this diagram, you can see the minimum size of your room for the right fireplace. You can find the diagram in our guide about 'Room size and the size of a bioethanol fireplace'. On the vertical axis, the room size is shown in m² and on the horizontal axis, you will find the filling quantity of the combustion chamber in liters.

Do you Need Help with Choosing a Bio Fireplace? - We are Here for you!

There is different types of fireplaces. This type, bioethanol fireplace, burns on bioethanol does not need any electric supply.

We at are experts in bioethanol and ethanol fireplace, and are trained to provide only the best service. Our experienced team of experts will be able to help you competently and reliably with any problem or question you may have, and we always have the necessary information ready for you.

To ensure that you can always get in touch with us quickly, we are available for you through several channels, such as our live chat, email or telephone. So feel free to contact us, if you have some questions! In order for you to be able to quickly enjoy your new fireplace, we offer an extra fast shipping service. This shipping method is standard. Before your fireplace is shipped, it is thoroughly and securely packed. Afterwards, it will be picked up by our shipping company and brought to you by the fastest route. The average shipping time for a normal decorative stove, that is in stock, is between 3-5 working days. We charge a small flat rate for shipping. The shipping costs are omitted if the value of goods is over 100 £ and are therefore inclusive.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our large variety of ethanol fireplaces and hope that you are as happy with our selection and our products as we are!

Your fireplace shop,