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Cook King Fire Pits

Cook King is a manufacturer from Poland. They are well-known of outdoor fire pits. 

Cook King offers a huge selection of stunning outdoor fires for garden or patio. The products is very lovely in the dark summer evenings, but as cozy heater in the cold months as well.

Enjoy the cozy products with wood log flames.

Cook King's products vary from cheap budget-friendly prices to more expensive handmade models.

Outdoor fire pit from Cookking

Products - Cook King

Cook King products
Bali Fire pit

Fire Pit Bali

Price: £129
Items number: OUT-60-101

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Cook King Polo firepit

Fire Pit Bonfire Polo

Price: £169
Items number: OUT-60-102

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Cook King Porto fire pit

Fire Pit Porto

Price: £168
Items number: OUT-60-103

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Fire pit Palma

Fire Pit Palma

Price: £149
Items number: OUT-60-104

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Haiti Cook King fire pit

Fire pit Haiti Cook King

Fire Pit Haiti

Price: £179
Items number: OUT-60-105

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Verona Fire Basket from Cook King

Verona Fire Basket Cook King

Fire Basket Verona

Price: £209
Items number: OUT-60-109

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Faro Garden Fireplace

Faro garden firplace Cook King

Faro Garden Fireplace

Price: £468
Items number: OUT-60-111

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Black grill grate from Cook King

Grill Grate Black

Price: £69
Items number: OUT-60-117

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Grill grate in stainless steel Cook King

Grill in Stainless Steel

Price: £99
Items number: OUT-60-118

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Grill-plate with grate and handles

Grill Plate With Grate - 4 Handles

Price: £299
Items number: OUT-60-120

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Cook king tripod fire pit with gridiron

200 cm Tripod With Gridiron for Fire Pits - 3 in 1

Price: £199
Items number: OUT-60-126

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Africa cast-iron pot with legs

Cast Iron Fire Pot Africa

Price: £179
Items number: OUT-60-130

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Cook King base plate

Base Plate for Fire Pits

Price: £99
Items number: OUT-60-144

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Cook King cast-iron pan

Cast Iron Pan

Price: £19
Items number: OUT-60-145

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Viking Fire Pit bålfad i råstål fra Cook King

Viking Fire Pit Bålfad

Price: £229
Items number: OUT-60-150

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