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Glowbus produces beautiful and extremely durable fire baskets which can last a lifetime. the beautiful fires baskets, Glowbus Dewdrop, are designed i a gorgeous drop shape which at the same time can be associated with a flame.

Their mission is to create unique experiences with their different fire baskets. Glowbus produces huge fireplaces to the garden using the very resistant materiel cor-ten steel, and their focus is at both sustainability and the shelf life. They take their social responsibilities serious, which is also why they have a huge focus on nature conservation and their environmental footprint.

In addition to the large fire baskets, they are also available as candle holders, Glowbus Growdrop, which embodies the character of the Dewdrop fireplace, but is more compact. Growdrop is available in two sizes, and it will suit the table perfectly both inside and outside.

Glowbus Dewdrop is the product of the artists, Andreas Ketels's, vision regarding a bonfire experience out of the ordinary. He has always been fascinated by fire and artistic constructions and he share this passion with the world through the Glowbus series 

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Glowblus fireplace

Products - Glowbus

    Dewdrop M fire pit Glowbus
    Dewdrop M fire pit Glowbus


    Dewdrop M Fire Pit

    Price: £3,498
    Items number: OUT-20-201


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    Dewdrop L fire pit Glowbus


    Dewdrop L Fire Pit

    Price: £4,299
    Items number: OUT-20-202


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    Dewdrop XL fire pit Glowbus


    Dewdrop XL Fire Pit

    Price: £8,499
    Items number: OUT-20-203


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    Growdrop M candle holder Glowbus


    Growdrop M - Candle Holder

    Price: £299
    Items number: OUT-20-204


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    Growdrop L candle holder Glowbus


    Growdrop L - Candle Holder

    Price: £399
    Items number: OUT-20-205


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      Glowbus Dewdrop - a Different Fireplace

      Glowbus has created Glowbus Dewdrop as a different alternative for the normal bonfires. The experience of sitting around the fire a cosy summer night will be outstanding with a Glowbus Dewdrop. The fire basket is created for the people who is seeking greater value with the world of authentic fire - it is more than just a 'bonfire place'. 

      Glowbus Dewdrop is produced in the material cor-ten steel which is extremely resistant. This material is chosen to secure that the product can last a long time. the bonfire place is designed in order to replace the bad pyre that rusts, fall apart or often gets replaced.

      Corten steel has a lifetime that is more than eight times longer than ordinary steel. By manufacturing their products in this long lasting and durable materials Glowbus help to reduce the "throw away" culture.

      Glowbus Dewdrop is very unique and beautiful and it will be eye-catching in every garden. It is a mix of pure simplicity and neat outdoor luxury.
      The product is manufactured in three different sizes: Dewdrop M, Dewdrop L and Dewdrop XL, thereby, there is a size for every need.

      Glowbus History

      Glowbus is developed by the artist and founder Andreas Ketels's idea of a fire experience out of the ordinary. Ten years ago he drew the first stroke on the design which has now grown into the Glowbus series.

      Andreas Ketel wanted to create a product that was beautiful, timeless, functional and durable. His idea is the result of the Glowbus series which consist of the three bonfire-places in different sizes: Dewdrop M, Dewdrop L and Dewdrop XL, furthermore, the two sizes of candlesticks: Glowbus Growdrop M and Growdrop L, that can be purchased in three different colours. Every product from Glowbus is handcrafted in durable and resistant steel, so that you get a gorgeous and functional product. At Glowbus, they care deeply about the environmental footprint they leave on our planet, so they make sure the materials they use are durable for years to come, as well as donating to nature conservation. For every Glowbus Dewdrop sold, 25 trees are planted.

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      Glowbus Growdrop - Take the Dewdrop Atmosphere into your Home

      Beside the gorgeous and big Dewdrop fire baskets for the garden, Glowbus has also designed a smaller product, Glowbus Growdrop which takes design cues from its larger counterpart. With Glowbus Growdrop you can bring the Glowbus Dewdrop atmosphere into your home.

      with the timeless design these beautiful drop-shaped candlesticks will be the perfect view in any home. The timeless design and the hand-crafted details gives a gorgeous touch to your decor.

      Glowbus Growdrop har produced in two different sizes: Growdrop M and Growdrop L, and then i three kinds of different materials: cor-ten steel, stainless steel and black steel.

      Like Glowbus Dewdrop these candlesticks are developed in resistant and sustainable materials, so you can in good conscious purchase  these pretty candleholders. Because of their timeless design and durability you'll with the Growdrop candleholders get a focal point for your interior thar will last for many years.

      Buy Glowbus at are distributor of Glowbus. If you are interested in one of the beautiful fire baskets, Dewdrop, in three different sizes, or the pretty candleholders, Growdrop, i to different sizes and thre different materials, take a look at this side!

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