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Bioethanol Fireplace - Environmentally Friendly and Modern Fireplaces

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At you will find your next bioethanol fireplace, bioethanol fuel, and fireplace accessories. Are you looking for a different kind of fireplace? We have that too. Our selection includes bio ethanol fuel-, gas-, electric- and Optimyst fires. You can find our entire range of fireplaces on our website.

We offer a wide range of different models of fireplaces, so you can find just the right fireplace for you. We have both mounted, freestanding and built-in fireplaces. We also provide a wide range of different fireplace brands. offers excellent quality at fair prices. We sell fireplaces crafted to ensure great quality and sleek design. We have many years of experience selling bio fuel fires, as well as other types of fireplaces. We will help you find just the right fireplace for you.

A fireplace from is a stylish and cozy addition to your home at a truly fair price. With one of our fireplaces, you can create an attractive, vibrant, and warm focal point in your living room, dining room or maybe your conservatory – and you can do it without being exposed to harmful substances and pollution. Our bio fires burns bio ethanol, a clean and environmentally friendly fuel. If you buy our bioethanol fuel, you get a product that is so clean that it doesn’t emit any soot. That is also why all our bioethanol fires are flueless.

Furthermore, we offer price guarantee, meaning that if you find one of our products at a cheaper price anywhere else, we will match the price and even offer a 10% discount on the matched price! That way we ensure, that we can always offer you a modern bio fuel fireplace at the lowest price - so when you shop at you always get your perfect fireplace at the cheapest price.

We are Experts on Environmentally Friendly Bio Ethanol Fireplaces

We are experts in environmentally friendly bio fires. Here on our website, you will find our wide range of high-quality products at an unbeatable price. We have many years of experience in selling bioethanol fuel fires and are currently active in 10 European countries. We also a wide selection of other fireplaces; electric, water vapor, gas and wood-burning fires.

The store is divided into categories that will make browsing easier. In these, you will find freestanding fireplaces, built-in bioethanol fireplaces, mounted bio fireplaces, automatic bio fires or manual burners, and more. In addition, you will find glass and accessories such as ceramic stones, fragrances, and bioethanol. Make sure to register for our newsletter, when you order you new fireplace, to keep updated on our latest offers.

To ensure that you can enjoy your new bioethanol fire, we offer you a fast shipping service. The average shipping time for bioethanol fires and our other products in stock is between 3-5 working days. We also provide free shipping on orders of £100 or more.

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Use the menu to browse through our extensive product catalog. As an extra service, we also provide a large catalog of fireplace guides. Here you can seek guidance, knowledge and tips about the different types of fires and more. Should you have any questions or are you wanting help finding just the right fireplace for you, please do not hesitate to contact us in our live chat, by e-mail or phone, or through our Facebook or Instagram. Our customer service is always ready to assist you.

Eco friendly bio ethanol fireplace in black

Come Visit Our Showrooms

Since 2018, we have had our showroom in Aalborg, Denmark, where most of our ethanol fireplaces are on display. In the fall of 2020, we have opened our second showroom in the beautiful Danish capitol, Copenhagen. Even though you might not be able to visit us up in the far north or in the capitol, we are always happy to provide videos and photos of our fires. If you do happen to come to beautiful Denmark, you are always welcome in our showrooms.

Bio ethanol fireplace showroom in Denmark

The Bioethanol Fireplace - No Chimney or Fuel Needed

Bio ethanol fires runs on bioethanol fuel. They do not require a chimney, are free of smoke and are fast to clean. This type of product, that runs on ethanol, is very flexible and is suitable for both companies and private customers. An ethanol fireplace can be used indoors, out-of-doors, or as a table decoration.

In recent years theses stoves have gained a lot of popularity, which can also be explained by the growing focus on sustainability and our environment. Bio ethanol fuel fireplaces are available in different versions, designs, and sizes. The bioethanol fire is an eco-friendly alternative to a classic wood-burning stove.

These bio fires have a low heating effect and can be used mainly as decorative fires for your living room, office, kitchen, or at events. On our Youtube Channel, we have numerous videos displaying the fireplaces from manufacturers such as Xaralyn, Planika, Ebios and more.

It is possible to decorate the fireplace with some bioethanol fireplace accessories, such as fireplace decoration, like ceramic wood, stones etc., fireplace equipment, like fuel pumps, funnels etc., fragrance oils, and starter kits. So you can get a more realistic look in your fireplace, make it smell amazing and get equipment that makes refilling your biofire easy.

We also provide other fireplaces, such as electric, water vapor, gas or wood-burning. If you are looking for something different than af bioethanol fire, you can check them out.

Gas Fires: A Primary or Secondary Heating Source

More and more people prefer gas fireplaces to traditional wood-burning stoves. The gas fire can be used as a primary heating source or as support thereof. You can adjust the flames and the heat output very easily via remote control, and the fireplace can operate with natural or bottled fuel, depending on wheter your home has a gas fuel supply installed. A chimney is not necessary, a ventilation flue is sufficient.

Gas stoves comes in many different forms, and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. For indoors use, a built-in gas insert is a popular choice, as a ventilation flue can be installed and hidden easily, and the built-in gas stove makes for a contemporay and modern focal point in any home. You can see our selction of indoor gas fires here.

An out-of-doors unit does not require ventilation, and is often placed as a terrace or balcony fire. You can enjoy the view of the flames and its modern design, free of smoke, in the cool afternoons in your backyard. Check out our outdoor gas fireplaces here.

Here you can find our entire selection of gas stoves: Gas fireplaces

Water Vapor Fireplaces: How does it Work?

Normally, fire and water are two complete opposites, but with an Optimyst fireplace, it becomes the perfect combination. Major manufacturers, such as Dimplex and Safretti, have succeeded in making the water vapor look like real blazes. Water damp fires are the perfect solution for you, if you have small children or pets, and are concerned about their safety.

Steam fireplaces create an incredible display of flames, thanks to steam and LED lights. And it runs on very cheap and accessible fuel, namely water and electricity. These do not present any fire hazard, so they are completely pet and child-proof. The water damp fireplace does not emit any warmth on their own, but some models include a warming function.

Therefore, it is a great choice of fire for the modern home where safety is in the front seat.

Find our great selction here: Water Vapor Fireplaces

Electric Fireplaces: All you Need is a Power Outlet

The installation of a fireplace in your home has never been so quick. A fire powered by electricity is particularly attractive for households with solar panels with excess energy. This type of stove is incredibly easy to connect and does not require a chimney duct or ventilation. They can be mounted in the wall or can also be placed on the floor. The main advantage is that you get a beautiful flame without any risk of fire.

An electric fireplace, as the name suggest, runs on a very accessible fuel; electricity. It is perfect if you are looking for a fire that is entirely safe - it is especially advantagous in a home with small children or pets.

Here you can find our selection: Electric fireplace

We are Here to Help you Find your Next Fireplace

We, at, want to help you find the perfect fireplace for you and your needs. Therefore, we are always ready to help guide and assist you in your search for the right fire for you.

We have many years of experience selling fireplaces and loads of happy customers. You can check out all of our customers' diffenrent ways of installing our fires here: Customer Pictures.

We always attempt to provide you with the best possible information about our entire selection! Therefore, we provide photos, technical information, videos, 360° views, manuals and technical drawings of most products.

Should you not be able to find the information you are looking for on the product page? Then don't hesitate to contact us - we have a live chat in the bottom right corner, where we are ready to help you with any question you might have! You can also contact us by email, phone or on our Facebook or Instagram. - Your fireplace is waiting for you here.