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We are a large fireplace shop and dealer of environmentally friendly, bioethanol fireplaces! We started with bio fireplaces, and since then we have expanded our range to include electric fireplaces, gas fireplaces and Opti-Myst fireplaces, as well as outdoor products such as patio heaters and fire pits.

We believe, that we have just what you are looking for! It is our mission, to find the perfect fireplace for you and your environment, and it will surely be found among our own fireplaces or one of the other well-known brands, that we have in our range. So take a look around the shop or contact us, and we'll help you find the fireplace or garden accessory for your needs!

Do you want a classic looking ethanol fireplace? A space-saving and smart wall mounted bio fireplace? Or do you want a fireplace that appears as a central design element? Find your dream fireplace on our website!

We are experts in bio ethanol fireplaces and environmentally friendly fireplaces, and our skilled employees are always ready to help, guide and give competent advice, so when you need a new fireplace or a new fire pit, we will find the right one for you!

On this page you'll find our full range of everything from bio fireplaces to fire pits and other outdoor cooking equipment - all at a competitive price. At, we have many years of experience selling bioethanol fires and environmentally friendly fireplaces, and currently operate in 10 European countries.

We started with the bioethanol fireplaces, and since then, we have added lots of other types of fireplaces and different products to create cosiness and warmth! We take pride in knowing as much as possible about all our products, and we are more than happy to pass that knowledge on to our customers - both in our product descriptions, with our many guides and our videos on Youtube, as well as in person in our showrooms or on our livechat!

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We Bring the Bio Ethanol Fireplaces to you!

At, we are experts in modern and environmentally friendly fireplaces. We have been selling bio fireplaces since 2013, and since then we have expanded our range with everything from electric fireplaces to water damp fires to fire pits and patio heaters, which we sell here on our website and in our physical stores in Denmark. Today, we offer sales of bio fireplaces and heating products to more than 10 European countries.

We are also ready to help you with all you questions, in the live chat here on the website, and we are happy to provide extra materials! So don't hesitate to contact us!

To ensure that you can enjoy your new bioethanol fire as soon as possible, we offer you a fast shipping service. The average shipping time for bioethanol fires and our other products, that are in stock, is between 3-5 working days. We also provide free shipping on orders of £100 or more.

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Come Visit Our Fireplace Showrooms in Denmark

If you would like to see our fireplaces in person before you buy, you can visit our fireplace showrooms either north of Aalborg, in Valby or online. We know it is a long trip from the UK, so if you are not be able to visit us, up in the far north of Denamrk or in the Danish capitol, we are always happy to provide online presentations, videos and photos of our fires. If you do happen to come to beautiful Denmark, you are always welcome in our showrooms.

In our showrooms we have a wide range of fireplaces on display, and our staff are always ready to help you with advice and recommendations.

Bio ethanol fireplace showroom in Denmark

The Bio Ethanol Fireplace: The Environmentally Friendly Fireplace for Bioethanol - Without Chimney or Flue!

A bio fireplace is powered by bioethanol fuel, and can be installed without the need for a chimney or flue. It is, therefore, an extremely flexible fireplace, available in many price ranges and types for both homes and businesses. A bioethanol fireplace has become very popular in recent years, in part because of its great flexibility, and the fact, that it is one of the most environmentally friendly and easy-to-clean fireplaces on the market.

Bio fireplaces come in all types and designs, and can be installed virtually anywhere, whether it is a freestanding bio fireplace, Mounted bio ethanol fireplace or built-in bio fireplace.

The flame in bio fires is real and provides heat, but can also be used as a decorative cosy fireplace, if desired. Bioethanol fires comes in both manual and automatic versions, that can be operated via remote control, smartphone or app.

If you want to bring the cosiness of your bio fire outdoors, it is also possible to buy outdoor bio fireplaces from us.

The Gas Fireplace: The Authentic Flames Without Firewood and Cleaning

Gas fireplaces are often installed in newer homes, because they have become so intelligent and authentic, that users prefer them to traditional wood-burning stoves. A gas fireplace can have a high heat output, and can thus heat an entire house. It is also easy and comfortable to adjust the flame and heat output, if it gets too hot and a more cosy level of heat is desired.

A gas fire is often seen built into new builds and major renovation projects, because it is a future-proof professional fireplace. It is available for natural gas and bottled gas. The design of a gas fireplace is also relatively flexible, because it does not require a chimney, but simply a flue.

Gas fires are available for both indoor and outdoor use. An outdoor gas fire does not require a flue or similar, but is often placed directly on the patio, like a traditional patio heater.

See our selection of indoor gas fireplaces or outdoor gas patio heaters here.

The Electric Fireplace: Flames Created by a Power Outlet

Installing a fireplace in your home has never been easier than with an electric fireplace. An LED fire is powered by electricity and is particularly attractive to solar homeowners with excess energy. They are incredibly easy to connect and don't require complicated installation in the form of a chimney, flue or similar. Our electric fireplaces are available as freestanding, mounted or built in models.

You might think an LED fireplace is smart, but you miss the warmth of the classic wood-burning stove? No problem, because most electric fireplaces comes with a heating module, so you still get the cosy warmth of the fireplace - just without the open fire or smoke and ash!

A lot of people choose an electric fireplace, because there's no fire hazard involved. They do not produce real flames, but electronic ones using LED lights, so the "fire" is always under full control.

You can find our range of different electric fireplaces here.

The Opti-myst Fireplace: The Hybrid Fireplace that Creates Flames from Water

To most people, it sounds crazy that flames can be created by water, and usually water and electricity are not a good combination either. But with the hybrid fireplace, water, electricity and LED light combine to create the beautiful and very lifelike Opti-myst flame. Hybrid fireplaces, or water damp fireplaces if you will, are here to stay.

Major manufacturers such as Dimplex, Magic-Fire by Saffretti and Xaralyn are the first to make these amazing and wondrous fireplaces, and between them, there is a huge range of both freestanding, built-in or hanging hybrid fireplaces.

Opti myst fireplaces create an incredibly lifelike flame without any fire hazard and they give off no heat. This kind of fireplace is extremely eco-friendly!

You can see our large selection of the cool Opti-myst Water Vapor fireplaces here.

Wall Mounted Bioethanol Fireplaces: For Every Home, Even if Space is Scarce

Hang your fireplace on the wall, and add stunning new life to your living room or kitchen. It takes up almost no space, so it can fit in almost any home. Installing one of our wall mounted bio fires is incredibly easy and the vast majority of walls can support the weight of a wall hung bioethanol fire. However, always be aware of the load bearing capacity of the wall and the weight of the fireplace, as this can vary quite a bit from fireplace to fireplace.

The latest addition to the range of bio fireplaces, is the ceiling mounted bioethanol fireplaces! An extremely popular ceiling-mounted model is the Cocoon Aeris from Cocoon Fires. We have a number of different ceiling-mounted bioethanol fireplaces in our range, which can be found together with our wall-mounted biofireplaces.

You can find both our wall hung and ceiling hung bio fireplaces right here.

Accessories for your Ethanol Fireplace

A bio ethanol fireplace is not complete without the right accessories. The first and most important thing you need is, of course, the bioethanol fuel.Our bioethanol fuel is of the highest quality, and therefore, emits virtually no odour and no soot.

The bioethanol used in a bio fireplace should have an alcohol percentage of between 95% - 97.5% in order for it to burn as cleanly and odourlessly as possible. Our bioethanol has an alcohol percentage of 96.6% and you can find our bioethanol here.

In addition to bioethanol fuel, it can also be nice to have the right tools for filling, cleaning and lighting the fire. We, therefore, have a large selection of accessories for you and your bioethanol fireplace, which you can find here.

If you want to spice up your bio fireplace or make it more realistic, we also have lots of decorations for bio fireplaces. Here you can find ceramic wood, ceramic stones or glow flame, which make realistic sparks.

Outdoor Fireplaces: Fire Pits, Patio Heaters, Pizza Ovens and More!

The latest addition to our product range, is our outdoor range, which includes everything from fire pits, pizza ovens and barbecues to gas patio heaters and electric patio heaters, outdoor bio-fireplaces and garden fireplaces. So if you need to create cosiness and warmth on the patio or in the garden, on those long summer evenings, we're sure to have what you need!

We have a wide range of outdoor cooking products for you to find here. We have brands such as Morsø and Vulcanus, that make both barbecues and pizza ovens, so you can cook delicious food outdoors.

In our outdoor range, we also have various outdoor fires, such as braziers and garden fireplaces. Our fire pits come in many different sizes, shapes and materials, so there's sure to be one for you and your garden! We also have lots of accessories for fire pits, so you can cook over the fire, for example. Find our fire pits right here.

If you want to keep the patio warm, an electric patio heater or gas patio heater will keep you warm on the patio during those long summer evenings, when the sun goes down and it gets a little cooler! You can find our many different patio heaters here. And if you'd like to bring a bioethanol fire into the garden, on the balcony or on the patio, we also have many outdoor bio fireplaces which you can find here or you can build your own outdoor fireplace, for example you can build it into a table.