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The hybrid fireplace combines water vapours and modern LED lighting to create stunning flame effects without any heat and fire hazards.

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    Water fire Verdi in white

    Verdi Hybrid Fireplace in White

    Price: £1,499
    Items number: HYB-10-012

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    Insert Silverton for water fireplace

    Silverton Hybrid Fireplace insert for Open Fireplace

    Price: £799
    Items number: HYB-10-017

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    Built in unit Cassette 400/600

    Cassette 400/600 Hybrid Fireplace - Built-in Unit

    Price: £699
    Items number: HYB-10-019

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    Insert, Cassette 1000

    Cassette 1000 Hybrid Fireplace - Built-in Unit

    Price: £1,869
    Items number: HYB-10-023

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    Water fireplace insert Incanto 1000

    Incanto 1000 Fireplace One-Sided Water Vapour Fireplace

    Price: £4,299
    Items number: HYB-10-205

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    Juneau XL water damp insert fireplace from Dimplex

    Juneau XL Hybrid Fireplace insert for Open Fireplace

    Price: £1,669
    Items number: HYB-10-030

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    Kreta bio fireplace in white fossil stone look

    Kreta White Fossil Stone Surround Bio Fireplace

    Price: £2,569
    Items number: BIO-60-128-F02bio

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      Opti-Myst Water Vapour Fireplaces

      A hybrid fireplace is powered by water and electricity. The hybrid fireplace creates a fascinating flame effect, and the flames appear incredibly authentic and convincing. At the same time, the hybrid fireplace helps maintain a good indoor climate by not creating odour or the like.

      The electric boiler, as it is also called, can be installed wherever it is possible to connect it to a power connection.

      Our range of water vapour fireplaces extends widely, so pick the solution that suits your home. Whether the water vapour fireplace will hang freely on the wall, is leaned towards the wall or built into the wall is completely up to you.

      The hybrid fireplace does not require an authorised installation by an expert and is also very easy to maintain, requires minimal cleaning, has minimal operating costs and is incredibly sustainable.

      The so-called hybrid fireplace has many names, so do not let it confuse you whether it says Opti-Myst, water vapour fireplace, water fireplace, or Opti-Myst with electric fireplace.

      See all our other fireplaces here.

      water vapour fireplace

      Water Vapour Fire for your Home Without a Chimney

      The flames fascinate us and we are many who would love to have an electric water vapour fire at home. However, it is not always possible as there is no chimney in all homes. It often becomes too hot with a fireplace. In addition, traditional wood burning stoves also pollute. In contrast to this, the solution has been invented - amazing, modern, eco-friendly electric fire with water vapour. The fireplace creates a flame effect without the risk of burning since they do not work as heaters and do not make any heat.

      Our vapour electric fireplaces are available without heating so if you want a fireplace without heating the room, then these products would be ideal for you. Also, they do not require a chimney! You may have heard of a Dimplex water vapour fire? Of course we also have these electric hybrid fires within our assortment.

      With these electric Opti-Myst fireplaces you have the possibility to choose between wall-mounted, freestanding or inserts to be built into the wall or a furniture – like a table. The freestanding model you can place outdoor and enjoy the flames from the garden. You have to find the best solution for you, so you get a fireplace that matches your home and preferences.

      Electric Hybrid Fireplaces for Houses Without a Chimney

      A beautiful electric hybrid fireplace with blazing flames is simply convincing. Unfortunately, many households cannot fulfil this wish for a traditional wood burning stove, because they lack the chimney or another extractor. Most houses today are so well-isolated that a classic fireplace would often be too hot as a heat source.

      Electric steam fireplaces are a very elegant, environmentally friendly, chimney-free alternative for a beautiful decorative fireplace. Steam chimneys create a fascinating and realistic flame effect without any risk of burns, strong heating effects and environmental pollution. These Opti-Myst fireplaces are available for the wall, freestanding or inserts to be built into the wall.

      What is an Opti-Myst Water Vapour Fireplace?

      An Opti-Myst Water Vapour is also called a hybrid fireplace and the flames are created from the power of the fireplace which is the water and electricity. It is also referred to as water fireplace, vapour fireplace, Opti-Myst or Mystic Fire.

      You can get an authentic, beautiful, and extremely seductive flame. It is created with water vapour and an electric light source which create a wonderful flame play.

      Our hybrid fireplaces do not work as heaters since they do not make, or radiate, heat – but is mainly meant to be decorative.

      How does a Vapour Fireplace Work?

      Most of the hybrid products feature the generous Opti-Myst technology, patented by Faber, who has been a dominant player in the vapour fireplace industry for many years. This technology causes a combination of light and small water drops to create the beautiful flames. According to this theory, vapour fireplaces have a separate water tank built in from which water droplets are produced via a transducer. This process occurs when small bulbs of either halogen or LED heat the air which pushes the drops up. These are reflected in the light, thus creating an inspiring flame effect.

      As mentioned before, though these fires works on electric supply, they do not function as heaters, but will add a nice and realistic look with the nice flames made from electricity. On our webshop you can find the best Opti-Myst fireplaces from Dimplex and Magic fire.

      In general, fireplaces according to the Opti-Myst technology have a separate water tank built in, from which water vapour is generated via a generator. The steam is carried out by small halogen or LED lamps that heat the air and push the steam upwards. This is reflected in the light and creates the realistic flame effect, which will also completely impress skeptics. With the steam boiler you get a beautiful and completely safe decorative piece for your home.

      The vapour never gets so hot that there is any risk of burns if touched. Another plus point is the incredibly long burning time of an electric fireplace with water vapour. The steam boiler burns between 8-10 hours per 1 litre of water. The fireplace is also easy to install and maintain. You just need to make sure that the fireplace is plugged in and that there is enough water in the tank.

      Electric fire with water vapour have the same beautiful flames as a traditional fireplace, but they are much more eco-friendly and easier to use.

      Are you not sure about whether the hybrid fireplace is the right or best choice for your house? Do you appreciate cosiness, the environment or something entirely different? Of course, you must also consider your home decor – whether it is a freestanding, suspended or built-in that is chosen.

      What is a Steam Fireplace?

      The name "hybrid" comes from the power of the fireplace which is the water and electricity. It is also referred to as a steam fireplace, water fireplace, vapour fireplace, Opti-Myst or Mystic Fire. Therefore, with this fireplace solution, you can get an authentic and nice fire and flame.

      An Opti-Myst fire is an electric fireplace, where the flames are made of power and water vapour. A well-known brand is Dimplex who makes vapour fireplaces – you can also find Dimplex on our webshop.

      The hybrid fireplace is, in comparison to the bio ethanol fireplace, relatively new on the market. This is not just valid for Denmark, but really throughout the world. It is the latest trend in the fireplace world. We wish people would have as much knowledge of these electric vapour products as, for example, wood burning stoves.

      Stoves are amazing – no doubt about it, however, there are some cases where people have no option of installing such an oven or gas fireplace for example. In these cases, it may be obvious to look towards the decorative hybrid fireplaces.

      This type of fireplaces with steam do not require all the professional expertise in the world. The fireplaces are usually delivered complete with everything you need. As with bio ethanol fires, accessories such as ethanol and decoration often need to be additionally purchased.

      With a steam fireplace, you can create an authentic flame effect without the risk of burns. Water vapour and LED lights are what creates the beautiful flames.

      Summary – Want Help Choosing a Fireplace?

      • Known brands: Dimplex and Magic Fire
      • Electric LED lights and water vapour makes the flames
      • Is called different names: Opti-Myst, electric water fireplace, hybrid, vapour fireplace, mystic fireplace
      • Available as inserts to build into the wall or a furniture, mounted on the wall or freestanding
      • Does not work as heaters
      • Can be used outdoor

      So all in all – these products can be used outdoor if wanted. We sell some very popular electric hybrid fireplaces from Dimplex and Magic Fire, as you can see on our webshop. Both Dimplex and Magic Fire makes different solutions, so you can find the one that fits your home the most. They are available to be hung on the wall, freestanding, and a cassette for built into the wall. Our electric fires does not work as heaters, and are therefore only for the view.

      Do you want us to give you expertise advice to make your decision easier and solve your worries and concerns concerning the vapour fireplace?Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have questions concerning our products. You can contact us via email, phone, Facebook, Instagram and/or live chat. See more in the section contact.