Equipment and accessories for bioethanol fireplaces


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Equipment and extras for bio fireplaces

Find equipment and accessories for your bioethanol fireplace here.

We offer a variety of different products, that will make your ethanol fireplace easier to handle and maintain.

Microfiber cloth

Green-Tex Handy Pro Microfiber cloth for cleaning the bio fireplace Item number: BIO370

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Price 9,00 GBP

Liquid for glass cleaning for bio fireplace

Glass cleaner for bio fireplace Item number: BIO365

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Price 12,00 GBP

Bio fire safety lighter

Extra long safety lighter for biofireplace Item number: BIO364

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Price 12,00 GBP

Bio fireplace flame extinguisher

Flame extinguisher for bio fireplace Item number: BIO368

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Price 12,00 GBP

Ethanol extinguisher

Flame extinguisher with holes for bio fireplace Item number: BIO369

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Price 12,00 GBP

Automatic pump for refilling your fireplace with liquid bio ethanol fuel. Easy to handle and lightweight at only 300g.

Pump for Bioethanol made of plastic Item number: BIO301

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Price 25,00 Now 19,00 GBP

Bioethanol pump. Makes refilling of liquid bio ethanol fuel easy and safe, and all for a bargain price.

Pump for bioethanol (manual) Item number: BIO349

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Price 14,50 Now 12,00 GBP

Funnel and a jug for use with liquid bio ethanol fuel. Makes refilling your bio fire easy and clean.

Bioethanol refill pack Item number: BIO314

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Price 12,00 Now 9,00 GBP

Ceramic fibre cotton for use in bio fireplaces to prevent shedding of bioethanol and support longer burning.

Ceramics Fibre Cotton for Bio fireplace Item number: BIO315

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Price 25,00 Now 19,00 GBP

Black, iron wood storage rack. An elegant and decorative addition for your room. 98 cm high.

Log holder with closed sides Item number: BIO350

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Price 249,00 Now 149,00 GBP

Black, iron wood storage rack. A decorative addition for your living space 50 cm high

Circle tree holder for fireplace Item number: BIO351

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Price 106,00 GBP

S-shaped Firewood Holder in black steel

S-Shaped Firewood Holder Item number: BIO352

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Price 64,99 GBP

Use a pump to fill your burner with bioethanol

Our bioethanol pump can quickly and easily – with just one touch – transfer bioethanol from a canister into the combustion chamber. This method is very advantageous and makes it really easy to refill your biofireplace with new bioethanol.


Decorate the fireplace with ceramic wood

Our ceramic timber can decorate your bioethanol fireplace, so the smoke-free fireplace looks more genuine and therefore look like an ordinary fireplace. The wood is odourless and the durability of the ceramic timber is very long and therefore does not need replacement very often, making it very cost efficient. Alternatively to ceramic wood, we also offer other ceramic ornaments, which look incredible in many bioethanol fireplaces.