How to Turn a Traditional Fireplace into a Bio Fireplace?

Revive your old fireplace and bring back the joy of the cosy flames of a fire by turning it into a bio fireplace!

We receive many inquiries from our customers who wish to transform their old fireplace into a more eco-friendly alternative; a bioethanol fire. It might seem a bit daunting at first, but we assure you, the process is very simple.

Older fireplaces and wood burning stoves often have a beautiful and unique look you might like to maintain; turning it into a bioethanol fire is really just about decorating it on the inside.

Therefore, do not start removing the bricks of your old fireplace or detaching the flue, but instead keep the stove's charm and keep it intact. The only thing to do beforehand, is to clean the base of the fireplace, and then you are ready to add the new bio fireplace insert. For this, we have this kit with everything you need to convert your old fireplace into a bioethanol fireplace: Bioethanol Fireplace Conversion Kit.

If your stove has front glass, it can be advantageous to remove this, to increase the heat output from the bioethanol insert. However, this is not necessary, as long as there is a flow of oxygen to the burner, as bio ethanol fuel needs oxygen to burn.

Should you need a burn chamber that is bigger than the one included in the conversion kit, we can always help create a kit for you, just contact our customer service. You can also find all our burners here: 

What do I Need for my New Bio Ethanol Fireplace?

As mentioned, it is quite easy to turn a wood stove or an old fireplace into a bio ethanol fireplace. The only thing you need is:

How to Install the Bioethanol Burner:

1. Place your new burner at the bottom of your fireplace. You will then get some nice flames by igniting the bio ethanol fuel, which is filled in the burner. The size of the burner is up to you and depends on how big your fireplace is.

2. The bioethanol fuel replaces the wood as the new fuel for your fireplace. You can check out this guide, to see how the bioethanol is filled into the burner. After the bioethanol is filled directly into the burner, your new bio fireplace is ready for usage. There are many benefits to burning bioethanol vs burning wood, as it burns clean and does not cause any smell or ooze. You can read more about bioethanol fuel here.

3. We recommend investing in a long lighter for easier and safer ignition of your new bio fireplace. For information about how to ignite your bio fire, check out this guide: How to Safely Ignite your Bio Ethanol Fire.

4. You can also add some ceramic wood or pebbles to your bio fireplace to create a more realistic appearance. You can read more about our decoration here.

Accessories for Bio Fireplaces

There are several possibilities for decorating a bio fireplace, which can give the fireplace a more realistic look in an easy and fast way. In the shop we have a lot of different types of ceramic wood or ceramic pebbles, as well as glow flame, to spice up you fireplace.

You can also make your fireplace smell nice by adding bioethanol fragrances. We have a large range of scents such as pine, spruce, cinnamon, etc.

There are also tools for your bioethanol fire that will make it even easier to use, install or clean you new fire. You can find all of the different accessories for bio ethanol fires here: