How to Light a Bioethanol Fire

Turning on a bio fireplace is relatively easy and quick. Depending on what kind of bio fireplace and burner you have, the process can be more difficult. However, you need to keep in mind that you are dealing with fire and it can potentially be dangerous. But as long as you are using common sense and follow the instructions from the manufacturer, you have nothing to worry about.

Children should NOT operate and control the ethanol fireplace.

Before turning on a bio fireplace, you have to fill the burner with bio ethanol fuel first. If you have not done that yet, you can read our guide of filling bioethanol on here.

How to Ignite a Manual Burner

A manual burner is ignited with a lighter or a matchstick. We recommend to use a long version of both. This will prevent you from burning the fingers when the ethanol fireplace is ignited.

After the ignition of the biofire, the flames can be small and in some fireplaces they can even be a little bit blue. After a couple of minutes, the fireplace will be warm and create stunning yellow flames.

Read more about the differences in manual and automatic burner, beyond the method of ignition here. And find all our manual burners here:

How to Light a Biofireplace with an Automatic Burner

An automatic burner is ignited by using the enclosed remote control or by clicking on the ignite button on the burner itself.

Some high-end automatic burners have the opportunity to connect to WiFi, and that makes it possible to control the fireplace from an App on your phone or tablet. This is for example possible on Planika's FLA3 models.

NOTE: Some of the automatic burners have a remote control as a purchased product and are therefore not included as a standard.

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remote control for an automatic bioethanol burner