Bio Ethanol Fuel for Bioethanol Fireplaces

Bioethanol is the fuel used in a bioethanol fire, just as wood is used in a wood stove. Bio ethanol fuel is a liquid that is filled into the burner of the ethanol fireplace and is ignited to create flames. So without bioethanol fuel a bio fireplace would not be very functional.

Bioethanol fuel, as the name suggests, is a form of ethanol, or spirit, produced by the fermentation of sugars and starches found in many biological materials. Bio ethanol fuel for use in bio ethanol fires is most often produced from potatoes, corn, and sugar canes.

Is Bioethanol Just Bioethanol?

Both yes and no. All bioethanol is alcohol, but it can be produced using slightly different methods. Depending on the alcohol percentage in the bioethanol, the applications may also vary.

In many countries, 100% pure bioethanol is mixed into gasoline for cars, making the gasoline "greener". Household rubbing alcohol is also often based on bioethanol, with an alcohol content of about 90%-93%.

Which Bioethanol Should I Choose for my Bio Ethanol Fireplace?

Which type of bioethanol fuel you need depends on the type of bio ethanol fireplace you have. However, it will most likely be bioethanol with an alcohol percentage somewhere between 95% - 100%.

Every bioethanol fireplace, that we sell here at, are made to use bio ethanol fuel with an alcohol content between 95,5% -97,5%.

The bioethanol fuel that we sell on our website is a high-quality premium bioethanol, produced in Germany, and it has an alcohol percentage of 96,6%.

However, there will rarely be any problems using a bioethanol fuel with a lower alcohol content of e.g. 80% - 85%. In many cases, however, a stronger odour of spirit will be experienced from a bioethanol with a lower alcohol content.

Are you unsure how to fill your ethanol fireplace? Then you can read our guide and watch our videos showing you how here: How to fill your bioethanol fireplace.

Bioethanol householding 93% spirit

Bioethanol householding 93% spirit

Why Not Use a Bioethanol Fuel with 100% Alcohol?

That is, of course, a very good question. Wouldn't a bio ethanol fuel with 100% alcohol content be the best and cleanest one? There is some truth to this, however, bioethanol fuel with 100% alcohol percentage also burns faster, hotter, and with a larger flame than bioethanol with, for example, 96,6% alcohol percentage. Not all bio ethanol fires are built to withstand these conditions.

NOTE: It is indeed rare that a bio fireplace is made to use bioethanol with 100% alcohol contents.

So, even though all bioethanol is alcoholic, not all bioethanol is meant to be used in your biofuel fireplace. Therefore, always check what alcohol percentage is recommended for your bioethanol fire in the manual.