Decorating Your Bio-Fireplace

Do you want a more realistic look for your bio fireplace? It is possible to decorate it with ceramics wood or pebbles as well as glow flame to make it look glowing and thus create a cozy fireplace atmosphere. Here at, we have different types of ceramics- wood and pebbles. All of them have different shapes, which contributes to a more realistic and natural look.

The benefit of the ceramic- wood and pebbles is that it does not burn, and is therefore only a decoration, as it can be used countless times.

Ceramic wood for bio fires

Where to place the decoration in the bio fireplace?

Ceramics- wood, and pebbles should be placed around the flame and burner to avoid the unpleasant smell from the bioethanol. The operation of the burner is not affected by the decoration and does not need to be moved to switch on and off the fire.

If you want to add glow flames to give your decoration a glowing look, the "thread" must be pulled apart to form a continuous thread which can be placed directly into the flame. If the glowing flame is not in contact with the fire, it will have no effect. However, glow flame is purely a decoration as it will not burn, but simply create a realistic glowing appearance.

Do not touch the decoration for up to 30 minutes after usage, as it can still be quite warm. Moreover, it is important not to pour bioethanol directly into the wood, as it can result in an unmanageable flame which can potentially be quite dangerous.

Cleaning the decoration for your bio fireplace

It is possible to clean the ceramics decoration. This should be done carefully while using a dry cloth.

Which fireplaces can the decoration be used in?

Not all our fireplaces are suitable for decoration. We do not recommend using decoration in the small fireplaces, as it can be difficult to fit. The same applies to some of the wall-mounted fireplaces.