How to extinguish a fire caused by bioethanol

How to extinguish a fire caused by bioethanolWe all know that the fuel for bio fireplaces is bioethanol and that in case of an uncontrolled fire we should NEVER use water the extinguish it. But then what should we do?

Even though the chance is small, it’s always good to be prepared.

If an accident occurs, we should do the same as if the fire would be caused by oil, paraffin, gasoline or similar. If you would try to use water in those cases, it would just make it worse. 

We know that in restaurants, hotels or any public building there are the appropriate fire extinguishers for fires fuelled by chemical products or alcohols. In a private house, it is harder to find those, so if there is the need we will have to use something that can be found in the house to extinguish the fire. 

The best way to proceed is to choke the flames from bioethanol, is by using a big thick blanket, piece of cloth or any hard material that can be found at home. When covering the flames with thick fabric, the access of oxygen will be limited and the fire will die. Obviously, the fastest we take action, the easiest it will be to control the fire.