Biofires and indoor climate

Biofires and indoor climateYou probably already know benefits of the popular biofireplaces. Here at can you find a great mix of biofires consisting of different types of bioethanol fires such as freestanding and wall-mounted. They create a very cosy atmosphere and warmth and are easy to install. However, as many other traditional fireplaces does a biofireplace create an open flame that has an impact on your indoor climate. You can compare it to having a very big candle ignited in your room. You may ask which impact it has - something we describe in this post.

Biofireplaces burn an environmentally friendly material that is called bioethanol. It is produced by a mix of potatoes, beetroot and corn and due to it being produced of organic materials only it does not produce toxic gases or smoke. However, even though that bioethanol is not poisonous in any way it still consumes oxygen. If the biofireplace consumes too much of the oxygen in the room, it creates a bad indoor climate that no one is interested in.

Be sure to ventilate

It is important that you allow a fresh flow of fresh air when you use your bio fireplace - especially if you use it in a small room. A bio fireplace can easily consume a portion of the oxygen in a room of 15-20 square meters, why you in small rooms like that can benefit from ventilating a little bit. That is despite you ignited your bioethanol fireplace for heating purposes, a fresh flow of oxygen will always contribute to a better indoor climate. If you have installed your bioethanol fire in larger rooms you may not need to ventilate, and the amount of ventilation differs depending on the model and the size of the bioethanol fire. 

If you use your biofireplace in the living room the easiest solution is to leave the window ajar while starting the cosy fireplace. This ensures a source of fresh air - and you are ensured that the indoor climate stays fresh. A bioethanol fire does emit a bit of odour when being ignited and extinguished, why you may benefit the most from ventilating your room during ignition and extinguishing. Once your biofire is ignited, our bioethanol fires does not emit odour. 

Another option that many people benefit from is using the bioetanol fireplace outside, either on their terrace or in their garden. If that is the case the situation is obviously different. Having a bioethanol fireplace outside is ideal as it creates warmth on the colder night while are ensured a fresh flow of oxygen. 


If you have not invested in a biofireplace yet, we think you should consider buying one. You can expect an authentic living and relaxing flame that creates a cosy atmosphere. We have a large selection of bio fireplaces, and we try whenever possible to keep the prices down. The same applies to our bioethanol and we offer a large amount of discounts. And we have a price guarantee in our bioethanol. So if you are planning on doing some shopping, we are always more than ready to help.