Xaralyn Umbria White wall-mounted bioethanol fireplace

Umbria Wall-mounted BioFireplace


Item number: BIO-60-106

Wall-mounted bioethanol fireplace from Xaralyn with up to 4 hours of burn time and a black glass-panel behind the fire to nicely reflect the beautiful flames.


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Umbria Wall-mounted Bio Fireplace

With Umbria you get a beautiful and stylish wall mounted bioethanol fireplace, form the Dutch manufacturer Xaralyn - formerly know as Ruby Fires.

The fireplaces consist of a white surround made of MDF and inside the fireplace, the backplate is made of black glass which makes a beautiful reflection of the fire and gives extra depth to the flames.

The included bio burner

Included with the fireplace, you get Xaralyns own manual burner called 5820B.

The burner has a capacity of 2 litres and on a complete filling, you should expect about 4 hours burn time. While the fireplace is burning, it will create approx. 3kW of heat.

Extra accessories included with the burner is:

  • Safetyglass to mount onto the burner
  • Lighter
  • Refuelling funnel
  • Operating stick (for adjusting/extinguish the flame)


You can read more about the included Xaralyn 5820B burner here.


Installation & Mounting

The installation process of Umbria is rather simple and you are allowed to do it yourself. The procedure is much like when you mount a television to the wall.

First, you fasten the included mounting bracket to the wall using a couple of screws. Afterwards, the fireplace can be installed onto the mounting bracket.

Xaralyn Umbria does not require any flue or chimney connection and it does not need an electrical connection either.


Cleaning of Xaralyn Umbira should be done using a damp cloth.