Uniquely designed bio ethanol wall fireplace with a glass window panel. Burning time 3 hours.

Vertical bioethanol fireplace

Item number: BIO-10-019

Vertically designed bioethanol fireplace creates a new and unique design compared to other fireplaces. Burn time 5 hours.

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Wall mounted biofireplace in steel with a glass plate

Just like the smaller Vertical Bioethanol Fireplace in black, this bio fireplace takes a new approach to the design. Instead of a wide square design this fireplace uses its height to create a unique and beautiful design that would fit into almost any home.

Build from steel and glass this biofireplace weights 19 kilos that makes it possible to mount on almost any wall. The burner of 1,5 L capacity is expected to give up to 5 hours of burn time on one filling.

  • Mounting brackets included
  • 1 L burner included 
  • Extinguishing tool included 
  • Electricity not required 
  • Easy and quick to install

This biofire is also available in black