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Smokepins for Cold Smoking

Smokepins is a danish high quality brand which manufacture handmade Smokepins for cold smoking. The sticks can be used for smoking salmon and trout, but also meat in general. With these you can cold smoke meat for up to 0,5 kg.

On this page we have informed about, how Smokepins works and shared some inspiring recipes and guides for the product.

This brand is known from Danish Tv, where Ole the founder participated in an entrepreneur program.


Products - Smokepins

    Cold smoking meat and fish
    Cold smoking meat and fish

    Smokepins for Cold Smoking - 12 Pcs.

    Price: £19
    Items number: OUT-90-101


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    Cold smoking meat and fish
    Cold smoking meat and fish

    Smokepins for Cold Smoking - 5 Pcs.

    Price: £9
    Items number: OUT-90-102


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      About the company Smokepins

      The company is located in Viby near the city of Aarhus in Denmark. It was founded by a passionate fly fisherman named Ole Gravrok, who became known from Danish television. His pleasant personality and enthusiastic approach to the product makes people sympathise with Ole. That, and also the fact that he created a great product.

      He says that every summer he goes on a trip to northern Norway, where he goes hunting for trout. A large amount of fishing means that fish often end up in a freezer because you get tired of eating your own recipes.

      Therefore, Ole has decided to develop a smoke oven to make cold-smoked fish. He conducted a little research on the internet, and thus found the inventor named Henriksen. This is where Ole has been inspired, and since then the amazing Smokepins have been further developed.

      How to use Smokepins

      Are you also interested in this fantastic product, which is praised to the skies - not only among fishermen and naturalists but also by the creative chef in private households? These pins can be used to cold smoke pieces of meat of up to ½ kg. If you have more meat than this, you may need to cut it into smaller pieces. Below you can read about how to get started.

      Of course, start by purchasing the Smokepins with the desired flavour. They are available in six different tastes, and each flavour is delicious in its own way. Once you have a Smokepin on hand, you can start the process. Therefore, cover your meat or other fresh produce with salt and sugar. For each kilo, you need approx. 70 grams of salt and 10 grams of sugar.

      The meat should stay cool for 4-8 hours so that the additional flavour can soak into the fresh produce. After this cooling, the excess salt and sugar should be drained off, after which it is wiped with a tea towel or towel suitable for this. The next step in the process is to air-dry products in a refrigerator. The meat should be air-dried for a day or two to leave a dry surface. You must be able to put a finger on the meat without getting liquid on it.

      Subsequently, the products are hung in a smoke container. It can, for example, be a grill, cardboard box, plastic bag, smoke oven or the great Morsø Forno multi oven. The outside temperature of your smoke container should be between four and 19 degrees. It is also recommended not to smoke in the rain or in strong winds.

      How to use a Smokepin: Start by turning on one at a time, and light it at the end with the largest opening. Make sure there is fire throughout the ring, and then extinguish the fire. When the fire, or flame, if you will, is extinguished, it should glow all the way around. Then place the smoke pin on the steel container, which is included in the box. It must be inserted in the bottom of the smoke container. The glow must face upwards, and a minimal opening must be established in the container. This opening should ensure a little bit of air ventilation.

      Once your Smokepin has burned out so that there is no more smoke in the container, it should be replaced with a new one. You should expect to spend approx. three to five pieces per smoking. When this smoking process is complete, the smoke products must be hung up to mature. Fish are hung for a minimum of two days, while meat should be hung up for three to four days.

      Why use Smokepins?

      First of all, cold smoked meat tastes great and lasts longer. Let's start by taking a look at history. Smoking is an old method of extending the shelf life of for example, meat and fish. In the old days, it was widely used. However, back then it was more due to scarce resources and to exploit the raw materials.

      Today, the products are often smoked to get the delicious smoky flavour and enjoy the unique smoke fragrances. It is still a practiced method as seen by most butchers and meat specialists. For the same reason, it is a common item in the local supermarkets. We all know a cold-smoked mackerel or a piece of smoked bacon, which is more or less a must in any supermarket.

      The reason why many people smoke their fresh produce is that a distinctive taste is desired. In addition, it ensures longer durability. Other factors that encourage the smoking process are, for example, that if the meat is brown, the consistency becomes more delicious, and then smoking will, all other things being equal, prevent the product from going bad.

      When meat and fish are smoked, water will evaporate in the goods and thus increase the dry matter content. The longer the process and thus, the smoking, the more shrinkage will occur. With short-term smoking, it can vary by 2-3%, while long-term smoking can decrease the mass as much as 30%.

      Cold smoking Smokepins were originally developed for fishermen and naturalists, but are now used to the benefit of far more food enthusiasts in the private sector.