How does a water vapour fireplace work?

A water vapour fireplace, or hybrid fireplace, creates an illusion of a flame and smoke without causing any danger or harm to your health. The latest technology in the field managed to create an extremely realistic flame. Of course, this is without any real fire.

The flame is created by energy-saving LED lights and water vapour. The fireplaces are powered by electricity and water. Install and connect the fireplace to a regular power outlet, add water to the tank, and enjoy the relaxing and breathtaking flames.

Magic fire opti-myst fireplace

Why is it called a hybrid fireplace?

Electricity and water are often associated with the word hybrid. We have heard this especially from the car industry, where you can inevitably go to a gas station without seeing the word hybrid. It is known as an attractive word now in the 21st century, where we are focused on the environment and sustainability.

Water fireplace, water vapour, and electric fireplace on water?

They are all the same - it is the hybrid fireplace all in one concept. There may be a bit of a resemblance to the electric fireplace, but the look and function are not the same. They are both connected to an electrical outlet, where the fireplace obviously gets power. Therefore, some may mistakenly call it an electric fireplace. However, this is not the right term, since the electric fireplace is in a category by itself.

Therefore, a hybrid fireplace is a good choice

The advantage of a hybrid fireplace is that they create a realistic flame to make them look authentic. In terms of installation, it is probably the most flexible fireplace on the market, since it does not require any kind of fire protection or other considerations. It is a perfectly safe fireplace, which is friendly to even the smallest and curious pets.

A hybrid fireplace emits no air pollution and is therefore an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional fireplaces. They are also energy efficient and can be purchased and put into use at an affordable price.