Forma 1200 Room Divider

Forma 1200 Room Divider


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Forma 1200 Room Divider

The Forma 1200 is Planika Fire's latest hit in 2020. It has been introduced as a completely unique built-in bio fireplace in the dimensions H: 50,8 x B: 121,9 x D: 40,6 cm, which makes the installation a breeze. This fireplace is equipped as standard with a Fire Line Automatic 3 (FLA3), which can accommodate 5,5 litres of bioethanol. This quantity of ethanol ensures a long burning time. This bio fireplace have 10 hours of burntime, and when the fireplace is running at maximum heat output, it emits 7 kW per hour.

This room divider built-in fireplace for bioethanol is produced with three open sides. The Planika Forma 1200 is elongated, and is typically built into the wall, so that it expands into the room. It is a fireplace insert, which is very popular in new constructions and major renovations, where a wall can easily be built into the room.
The bio fire is also available with FLA 3+, which has even more burntime.

Notable features of Forma 1200:
  • Controlled via remote control, app, a smart home system, or directly on display.
  • Can, due to a special Forma technology, be built into construction with combustible material.
  • Deflection ensures you can safely cover flammable to the dimensions H: 50,8 x B: 121,9 x D: 40,6 cm
  • 5,5 litres gives 7 kW per hour
The entire Planika Forma series has passed tests that ensure that they are certified with UL standards and O-TL.