SkamoEnclosure Board

Skamoenclosure Boards - 80 X 122 X 5 cm

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SkamoEnclosure Boards heat and fire-resistant building boards for fireplace projects.

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SkamoEnclosure Board for construction of fireplace

If you are in process of constructing your own or a customer's fireplace, the SkamoEnclosure Board is the ideal building board for you.

SkakoEnclosure Boards is a lightweight and fireproof plate, which provides full fire protection in private homes and commercial properties. The plates have an incomparable R-value, high mechanical strength and low thermal conductivity, making them ideal for building and framing fireplace installations. These plates are often used for internal insulation- for example, by depositing a bioethanol burner. 

It is a great advantage for the craftsman or installer when it comes to installation with SkamoEnclosure Boards because they are incredibly easy to work with. Therefore, many hours are saved in the actual installation. In addition, the plates are just non-combustible, have a fantastic insulation value and with an operating temperature of up to 1000 Celcius degrees. This product must be said to be a fantastic solution for the building fanatic. 

The plates are easy to shape with ordinary, contemporary tools. Therefore, they can be used advantageously- whether you are renovating an older house or building a new one. In addition, the plates are anti-molding, have good moisture permeability and capillarity and are environmentally friendly. 

How to build your own bio fireplace in the wall with SkamoEnclosure Board

The plates are incredibly easy to cut so that they are cut to the dimensions of your wall. At the bottom, cut out the hole for the bio burner. If the plates are to be assembled, this can be done with chip screws or SkamoEnclosure Glue, which is intended for this purpose. To obtain the desired finish, the fire protection plates can be sprayed and painted in the desired colour. Remember these must also be in a fire-resistant version. 

Technical data


Fire-resistant boards


80 x 122 x 5 cm



16,8 kg


Heat output



Burner type

Fuel/ Propellant


Requires electricity


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