Foco Two 600 Ultra Slim Boxed built-in bioethanol fireplace

Foco Two 600 Ultra Slim Boxed

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Foco Two 600 Ultra Slim Boxed is an extra narrow built-in bioethanol fireplace where the flames can be enjoyed from 2 sides. The included burner has a width on 40 cm and provides up to 7 burning hours.


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Foco Two 600 Ultra Slim Boxed

Foco Two 600 Ultra Slim Boxed is an extra narrow 2-sided bioethanol fireplace for built into a wall. The long name can be confusing, but it contains a variety of different features. 

Two means, that it is a 2-sided bioethanol fireplace, where it is possible to see the flames from 2 opposing sides.

Ultra Slim means, that the fireplace is extra narrow and only requires a wall there is 10 cm deep. It's therefore the most narrow built-in bioethanol fireplace on the marked.

Boxed refers to how the burner is placed in the fireplace. In a wall on 10 cm deep, it can be hard to get enough space for a burner as goes out of the bottom of the fireplace - as it normally does in the Foco series. In the Boxed model there is a box, as are a part of the frame, where the burner must be placed, so it wont go out of the fireplace. 

Bioethanol burner

The Foco Two 600 Ultra Slim Boxed includes one of our manual Slimline burners. See the specifications for the burner here:

Slimline Burner - 40 cm:

  • 2.0 liter capacity
  • H: 10.3 x W: 40 x D: 8 cm.
  • Up to 7 burning hours per filling
  • Heat output: 2.17 kW


Foco Two is made of 4 mm thick stainless steel, which has been powder coated black. This gives the bioethanol fireplace a neutral and timeless design, that lets the flames be in focus.

Further more includes Foco Two 2 tempered glass, as must be placed on each side in front of the flames. In addition to, that the glass looks great, then it will also shield the flames from draft and small gusts of wind, which helps to provide a more stable flame. However, it is possible not to mount the glass, if desired.

The package includes

  • Slimline bioethanol burner
  • Foco Two 600 Ultra Slim frame
  • 2x tempered glass (Height 10 cm)
  • 4x glass holders

Installation of Foco Two Ultra Slim

The installation of a Foco Two Ultra Slim is relatively easy, if you have a little bit technical knowledge and it requires no special certification. You can therefore do the installation by yourself.

The frame is delivered assembled from the factory and is therefore ready to be installed in the wall, when you receive it. 

If you mount the fireplace into a flammable wall, you must heat-insulate between the fireplace and the wall. For this, we recommend that you use materials as Skamotec fire boards, Fermacell fire boards or high temperature plasterboards.

It can be a little difficult to get a perfect edge around the fireplace when built into an existing wall. We have therefore made an outer frame which is placed on the outside of the fireplace, to hide any imperfections. Note, however, that this is an acquisition and must be actively selected.

Technical data


Bioethanol fireplace


H: 50 x W: 60 x D: 10 cm


Steel | Glass


Ca. 12 kg


2 Litres

Heat output

2.17 kW



Burner type

Manual burner: Adjustable

Fuel/ Propellant

Bioethanol 96.6% Alcohol


Up to 7 hours of burning time per filling

Requires electricity



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