Bioethanol Fires for Construction and Renovations

At we offer a large selection of bioethanol fires, and we especially have a large selection of built-in bio fires as well as loads of expertise and experience. We are also able to help you with custom solutions, that are perfect for new constructions or renovations.

How to Buy a Bioethanol Fireplace for New Constructions

It should be as easy as possible - and that's why you should buy a bioethanol fireplace. We work with virtually every type of contractor - large and small. If you already have a contractor on your new build, we will be happy to have a chat about the project - whether it is one of the big construction companies or the local tradesman.

We will take your wishes, as a customer, as a starting point and come up with suggestions on how the most optimal bioethanol fire can be installed in your particular home or build. Our design department will prepare a drawing of the project for approval, after which an installation drawing with technical specifications will be handed over to the person who will be constructing the wall. typically delivers our standard units within a week, whereas special products typically have a production time of 6-8 weeks.

bio fire for new construction

The Installation of a Bio Ethanol Fireplace in New Constructions

It is up to you whether you hire a building contractor, the local tradesman or take on the project yourself. A licensed fireplace installer is NOT required to install an ethanol fireplace. Installation instructions, safety distances and procedures are included in detail with every purchase.

The installation cost of a bio-fireplace should, all things being equal, be considerably less than purchasing a gas fireplace, for example. This is because a bioethanol fire does not require neither a flue nor any special permits or authorisation to install. The frame/cassette itself is inserted into the wall, while the bioethanol burn chamber itself is lowered into the cut-out in the wall. Decorative wood or stones can then be added and a glass fitted.

installing a bio fire in construction

Should I Install a Gas or a Bio Ethanol Fire?

Providers of model homes will often suggest a gas fireplace as opposed to a bioethanol fire for your future home. We do not immediately agree with this solution - not at all. Especially not if the house does not already contain an existing gas installation, as the installation costs may be as expensive as the cost of the gas fireplace itself. Many builders are not familiar with the new, smart, and intelligent bio ethanol fires, that can be easily and simply installed in a home. Therefore, several building contractors do not offer this option.

A gas fireplace will immediately add extra heat, which should be the immediate benefit. This heat is usually not needed as our houses nowadays are highly insulated. However, should you be very cold, we also have bio ethanol fires with a heat output higher than conventional wood-burning stoves.

The consumption of a gas fireplace will also be cheaper if gas is installed in the house. However, if you calculate installation costs, maintenance and approvals against a bioethanol fire it will rarely, if ever, make economic sense.

An ethanol fire is much cheaper, you do not need a chimney, there is no maintenance, it extracts more than enough heat, has the same technological capabilities and you have the option of having the flames closer - just like an open fire.

Quote or Guidance?

We offer free advice and guidance for your project. Contact us to find out more about your options - almost anything is possible with a bio ethanol fireplace.

If you are able to attach drawings or pictures, please feel free to send an email:

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