Bioethanol Fire Safety and How to Avoid Dangerous Situations

Putting fire, flammable liquids, and people together can potentially lead to dangerous situations - and that is something we are always working to improve and minimise, from concept to finished production.

At, all bio ethanol fires and bioethanol burners have been carefully selected by our buyers and tested by independent practitioners, to ensure you get a product that meets all applicable safety standards. It is all part of our philosophy to offer our customers the best.

The combination of rigorous testing, independent safety approvals, and leading safety features means you can use our bio ethanol fires without worrying.

Whether you buy one of our in-house manufactured manual bio fires, electric burn chambers or a bioethanol fire from one of our popular brands, you are ensured a high quality product that meets all current safety regulations.

Our bioethanol burners, all designed and crafted in stainless steel, are easy to maintain and keep clean. Their special ceramic cotton fibre lining ensures a stable flame and because they are made of stainless steel, they can easily be cleaned with warm water and a cloth.

Safety for us is not just about how the fuel is stored in the burn chamber; it is also about ensuring that your bioethanol burner remains in tip-top condition for many years, and that it burns cleanly and efficiently. We, therefore, recommend that you only use high quality bioethanol fuel with an alcohol content of between 95 - 97.5%.

At the same time, we recommend that you use equipment such as a funnel and a long safety lighter for your bio fireplace, which makes filling and igniting easier and safer. You can, therefore, buy a starter kit with everything you need right here:

Important Safety Information

flammable safety

Highly Flammable

never fill a hot burn chamber

Never Refill a Hot Burn Chamber

never refill a lit burner

Never Refill a Lit Bio Fireplace

never fill burner above max

Never Fill the Burn Chamber Above the MAX Indicator

keep fireplace away from children

Keep Bioethanol Fire Away from Children

Use a funnel when filling bio fire

Use a Funnel when Filling the Burn Chamber

Safety is Considered in all Aspects of our Product Process

TÜV Safety Approved

All our bio ethanol fireplaces are tested and approved with the German safety approval TÜV, which has tested the construction, materials, stability test, fire safety, etc.

Ceramic Cotton Fibre Filling

ceramic cotton fibre in bio fire

All of our manual burn chambers are equipped with either ceramic fibre cotton or ceramic stone, which bind bioethanol, and ensure a stable flame and that filled bioethanol does not spill. Read more about Ceramic Filling here.

Adjustable Flame

adjustable flame in bio fire burner

Many of our manual burners allow you to adjust the size of the flame, so it will always be the right size for the fireplace and its surroundings.

Separate Filling Tank

automatic filling of a bio burner

Our automatic remote-controlled bio fireplaces and burners all have a separate filling tank, ensuring there is never direct contact between the fuel tank and the flame for extra safety.

MAX Indicator

max indicator on bioethanol burn chamber

All manual burners are marked with a max indicator to ensure that you do not overfill the burner with bio ethanol fuel.

Video Instructions

Safety Instructions to be aware of with bioethanol fireplaces
How to ignite and extinguish your bio fireplace
How to fill your burn chamber with bio ethanol fuel

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