Ceramic Cotton for Bioethanol Fireplaces

Ceramic Fibre cotton for bioethanol fireplaces is a type of wadding made from ceramic fibres. It has become an indispensable part of bio ethanol fires - in the earliest and first bio fires that hit the market, the fibre cotton was not standard inventory but the ceramic fibre cotton has now become an integral part of a bioethanol burner.

This is due to the fact that the ceramic cotton soaks up the bio ethanol fuel in the burner, making sure that the bioethanol cannot escape from the fireplace if it should be knocked over. At the same time, the ceramic fibre wadding ensures that the flames will start faster in your bio fireplace burner.

Ceramic fibre cotton is included in the majority of the fireplaces we sell here at Bioethanol-fireplace.co.uk. Some fireplaces, such as Xaralyn's bio fireplaces, have a ceramic stone instead, however, the function is the same.

Replacement of the Ceramic Fibre Cotton in a Bio Ethanol Fireplace

Ceramic fibre cotton in a bio ethanol fireplace is, as such, not a consumable product, meaning that there is no set number of times you can use it before it needs to be replaced. However, it must be replaced if you used the wrong type of fuel in your fireplace. This will damage the ceramic fibre cotton as the fuel cannot be taken out of the cotton, once it has been poured into the burner with the wadding in.

NOTE: Only bioethanol should be used in bioethanol fires - other types of fuel, such as Tenderflame will damage the burner.

Do you have an older bio fireplace without ceramic cotton? No problem - ceramic fibre cotton is not a necessity, but it increases both the safety and the usability of your bio ethanol fireplace. That is why you can buy ceramic fibre wadding to put in your burner.

Introducing Ceramic Fibre Cotton