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Conversion set from stove to bioethanol fireplace

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Transform traditional fireplace into bio fireplace

Are you tired of your current stove or fireplce effort because it takes long time to start up? If you are thinking about converting your traditional fireplace into a bioethanol fireplace, then this package is the ideal solution.

This conversion kit can easily and quickly transform your old wood burning stove or traditional fireplace into an eco-friendly bio fireplace. The burner is placed in your old fireplace, decorated with decorative wood in front and to the burner and later on the Glow flame threads are distributed.

When the setup is complete, bioethanol is filled following the instructions and the bio fireplace is ignited with extra long safety lighter. This way you can transform your own fireplace into a bio fireplace in minutes and turn it on right away- without having to split the wood.

The package includes:

  • 1,5 liters Deluxe burner BIO309, H:6,5 x W:32 x D:15,5 cm.: The fire engine for the actual bio fireplace. It is placed wherever you want in your existing fireplace or stove. The fuel is filled into the opening, after which it is ignited with a long lighter. The flame height and heat output can be adjusted depending on the desire.
  • Extinguishing tool: This tool is used as a hook to move a metal plate over the flame opening in the burner. If the plate is placed halfway over the flame opening, the height of the flame and the heat output of the fireplace will decrease. If the metal plate is pulled completely over the opening, the fire will suffocate and thus be extinguished due to lack of oxygen supply.
  • 8 pcs of decorative logs: The decorative tree is placed around the burner to create an authentic fireplace look. If it is a double sided stove or fireplace, another package of decoration may be purchased. The decorative tree must not be placed above the flames. The tree is often used to hide the burner to create a wonderful effect.
  • Glow Flame to create a glow effect: Glow Flame consist of a series of fibers that create a vibrant glow effect. These are simply indispensable for creating the truly authentic experience. The fibers are spread individually around the frame opening.
  • A long safety lighter to ignite your fireplace safely: The long lighter is ideal for igniting the fireplace.The lighter must enter the fireplace and ignite the flame opening. The flame will appear in a bio fireplace will appear immediately.
  • 12 Liters of high quality bioethanol: Bioethanol is included to the starter pack so the bio fire can be used immediately. The entire setup can be mounted in two minutes, filling takes a total of one minute. That is the approx. It takes 3 minutes to have your traditional fireplace transformed into the bio fireplace. The amount of bioethanol will be enough for approx 30-40 hours at a moderate burning level.
  • Filler and jug filling set: This set makes the filling of bioethanol to the burning chamber much easier. The funnel can be placed directly in the burner, inside of the fireplace, after which the jug is used to safely fill without spillage or overfilling. Alternatively, the burner can be taken out of the fireplace and then filled on a table, sink or other comfortable place.

Save more money and make your own bio fireplace.

NOTE: If you install this conversion package please make sure that:

  • The fireplace gets enough oxygen from the fireplace vent or chimney.
  • It will be ideal to shut the chimney or flue if a heating effect is desired from the bio fireplace. However, this will require an open fireplace, that the doors or glass is removed or at least open.

The bio burner can be also found in other lenghts on our Burner page. It is also possible to mout a glass in front of the fireplace. As a rule, the glass must be one third of the opening's height.

Please contact us with any questions about this.