Installation of a wall mounted fireplace

The installation of a wall mounted fireplace is quite simple and very similar to mounting a television to the wall. Though, depending on the manufacturer of the fireplace, the installation process can vary, but it will still be quite simple to do.

On this page, we will go through the most common ways to install a wall bio fireplace.

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Standard Wall Brackets

This kind of wall bracket consist of three to four steel rods, depending on the size of the fireplace. One of these must be mounted horizontally, while the rest needs to be attached to the horizontal rod.

When the horizontal rod has been mounted to the wall, the vertical fittings can be attached to the wall, before the bioethanol fire is lifted onto the bracket. To finally secure the ethanol fireplace to the wall bracket, the ethanol fire must be attached to the vertical brackets with screws at the bottom of the biofire.

Installation Step by Step:

1. Install the horizontal bracket to the wall.

2. Hang the vertical brackets onto the horizontal rod.

3. Attach the vertical brackets to the wall.

4. Raise the bioethanol fire onto the brackets, by matching the holes on the back of the fire, with the hooks on the horizontal bracket.

5. Secure the bioethanol fire to the vertical brackets by screwing them together from the underside of the fireplace.

6. Make sure that the biofire is stable before use.

This description is for guidance only, this process may vary from fireplace to fireplace. You should always follow the instructions in the included manual for your specific fireplace. You can also find the manual for download on most of our product pages.

You can see different fireplaces and how they are installed to the right, or you can check out our YouTube channel, Bio Fireplace Group, where you can find more videos of our fireplaces and how they are installed.

Other Types of Wall Brackets for Wall Mounted Bioethanol Fires

Various brands of bioethanol fireplaces have developed their own special brackets, and the process for mounting the wall mounted bioethanol fires can therefore vary. However, they will often be very similar to the process explained above.

A detailed installation guide should, however, always be included when you buy a wall mounted bio ethanol fireplace.