See Through Electric Fireplaces to be Built-in

Do you want a harmless fireplace, that can be seen in 2 rooms while creating a cozy atmosphere? Then a tunnel electric fireplace is the perfect solution! Electric fireplaces run solely on electricity and do not need a chimney or other extraction, resulting in a fireplace with no pollution.

The electric fireplace for built-in creates flames by LED lights and therefore there is no real fire, so the fireplace is quite harmless. You can find our full range of electric fires for built in here:

one sided built-in electric fireplace

Products - Tunnel Electric Fireplaces

Lindstrom DS Evonic Fires doublesided LED fireplace

Lindstrom DS Evonic Fires doublesided LED fireplace

Price: £4.499,00
Items number: ELP-80-209

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e1030ds double sided electric fireplace

Two-sided tunnel electric fireplace e1030ds

Price: £3.999,00
Items number: ELP-80-210

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