Electric fireplace TF1560G

TF1560G built in electric fireplace

Ruby Fires Xaralyn

Item number: ELP-10-005

Electric fireplace to be built into a wall.

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TF1560G electric fireplace 

Electric Fireplace from Ruby Fires that will create a warm atmosphere during long, winter evenings with your family and friends. Electric fireplace is a cheap and easy way to warm the room. It does not have to be cleaned since it does not produce any smoke or soot. It is a perfects solution for families who live in a flat without a chimney, electric fireplace does not require a chimney.

What is more, it does not require the maintenance the wood burning or gas fireplace does. The only thing you need to do is to plug it in. It is much safer than the traditional fireplace because there are no flames exposed to the curious children's hands. 

It is said that the electric fireplace cost about 6-8 pence per hour which is a significant savings. 

  • Features LED lights
  • Consumption: 10 Watts 
  • Remote control included 
  • Requires an outlet
  • Heating: 0-400 - 800 Watts (to be set)