Bioethanol wood stove

Square Bioethanol wood stove

Item number: BIO-20-304

Square floor bioethanol fireplace in a classic wood stove look. The fireplace is 95 cm high and makes it possible to see the flames from 3 sides.

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Ethanol wood stove in a square design

Here you get a modern version of the classic wood burning stove. The freestanding bioethanol fireplace has glass on 3 sides, and it's therefore possible to get an amazing look at the flames, no matter which side you are looking from. 

Under the flames there are 2 storage rooms where you e.g. can place some wood to make it more realistic. (The wood in the picture is not included).

The fireplace burns like all other bioethanol fireplaces, on bioethanol. At we recommend that you use an ethanol with an alcohol percentage between 95-97.5%.

This is included in the package

  • Bioethanol fireplace
  • 1,5 liter bioethanol burner
  • Flame adjustment tool
  • Manual

How to get started

The fireplace is mostly assembled by delivery. The only thing you have to do, is to unpack the fireplace, mount the handle on the door and place the burner inside the fireplace. 

The fireplace is a freestanding model and requires no connection of a chimney. Therefore, you can easily move around the fireplace when it's not in use. The flames are well protected in the fireplace - but, it is still recommended to keep some safety distance to flammable materials like curtains, furnitures etc. 

The back of the fireplace can be a little bit hot, so you can therefore advantageously have 2-3 cm free space between the wall and fireplace.