Safretti Prometheus PG

Safretti Prometheus PG - Grey


Item number: BIO-60-227

Safretti Prometheus PG wall hanging bio fireplace in grey.




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Narrow, grey Prometheus bio fireplace from Safretti 

A stylish bio fireplace without just a burner covered behind the usual casing. A burning time of 8-10 hours in a 1,7 Liter burner is rarely seen in the bio fireplace industry. Its unique form creates an economical bio fireplace while the design speaks for itself. Prometheus PG can be installed in any environment and is often seen in living rooms, hotels or restaurants where an exclusive design is desired. 

  • Well-designed bio fire
  • 1,7 Liters burner 
  • 8-10 hours of burning time 
  • Electricity not required 

Safretti is a Dutch producer who produces fireplaces designed by renowned European designers. They are characterized by their exclusive and stylish design combined with a prolonged burning time.