Muztag Ibiza Patio Heater

Muztag Ibiza Patio Heater


Item number: GAS-90-503

Price: £789

Ibiza is an outdoor gas fireplace from Muztag. Ibiza burns LPG and can conceal the gas cylinder inside its base.


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Muztag Ibiza Outdoor Gas Fireplace

The slender and sleek Muztag Ibiza fireplace stands nobly with its inviting glass wings. The lively flame can be admired from all angles, making the fireplace the perfect gathering spot at parties and gatherings.

The glass side tables can be folded in/out as needed.

Gas cylinder not included.


  • Concealed Gas Cylinder
  • 60cm hose with 37mBar regulator
  • Variable gas valve
  • Overturn shutdown
  • Adjustable feet
  • ODS Pilot Safety (Oxygen detection safety feature)
  • CE Approved

Fuel consumption

At maximum flow rate, Muztag Ibiza uses up to 521g of LPG per hour, which give a heat output of 7.3kW.

It is possible to adjust the flow of gas using the gas valve to adjust the usage and heat output.

Bad weather

Muztag Ibiza is not suitable for use in the really windy conditions since the wind can blow out the fire and pilot.

Rain and snow can damage the fireplace in the long term. Never leave the fireplace exposed when not in use. Use a protection-cover or move the fireplace somewhere dry.

NOTE: Muztag Ibiza is only intended for use outdoor.

Technical data


Gas Patio Heater


H: 171.8 x W: 50 x D: 50 cm


Steel | Glass


48 kg


Max Cylinder Size 318 x 580mm

Heat output

7.3 kW



Burner type

Adjustable gas flame

Fuel/ Propellant



Maximum gas flow rate: 521g/hr

Requires electricity



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