How to Install Foco Bioethanol Fireplaces

We, at, have created our own series of built-in fireplaces under the name Foco. These beautiful and stylish fireplaces are mainly available as bio fireplaces and in standard sizes, but we can also make them to custom sizes and with for example an Opti-myst insert.

In this guide, we will explain how to fit your new Foco fireplace. In fact, it's so easy that you can easily do it yourself, if you just follow this guide.

Foco built-in fireplaces are made with a frame of 4 millimetre thick black powder coated steel, and as standard it comes with a manual burn chamber. So it doesn't need to be plugged into power, which means the installation is easy and straightforward.
You can also choose to replace the manual burner with an automatic burner. In that case, the fireplace needs to be connected to electricity, which may require a little more work, but we'll explain how it works in this guide.

Foco built-in fireplaces are available exactly as you need them - whether you need a one-sided, a double-sided tunnel fireplace, a three-sided, four-sided, room divider, corner fireplace or a fully open fireplace.

You can find our many types of Foco built-in fireplaces here:
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