How to Extinguish a Biofireplace

How you extinguish a bioethanol fireplace depends on which type of model and type of bioethanol fire you have. On a manual bioethanol fire, you cut off the supply of air to smother the flame. However, on an automatic bio fireplace you cut off the supply of bio ethanol fuel and the flame will extinguish.

How to Extinguish a Manual Bioethanol Burner

At, we offer a wide selection of different ethanol fireplaces with a manual burner. What they all have in common is that they are put out the same way: by cutting off the supply of air and thereby smothering the flame. The procedure of how to cut off the air may vary a bit depending on which model you have.

The vast majority of wall mounted bioethanol fires and the freestanding bioethanol fires are fitted with an adjustable burner. With the adjustable burner, you can control the size of the flame with a metal sheet that can be slid over the flame. When you want to put out the fire you simply slide the metal sheet completely over the burner so that the air supply to the flame will be cut off.

This procedure should be done in a swift motion.

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How to Extinguish a Round Burner?

The method for extinguishing a round burner is quite the same as mentioned above. It's all about cutting off the air supply to smother the flame. The round burners come with a piece of metal with a rod, which can be placed on the top of the opening of the burners to smother the flame.

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Extinguishing of an Automatic Burner

The extinguishing of an automatic burner is quite simple. You only have to click on the remote control or the button on the burner. This will cut off the supply of bioethanol and, consequently, the flame stops.

Depending on the model of the fireplace, the flame will go out immediately or after a few minutes when the last added bioethanol has burned off.

Some high-end automatic burners can be connected to WIFI and can, therefore, be turned off using an app on the phone or tablet.

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