How to Clean Your Bioethanol Fireplace

One of the questions we often receive is how you clean your bioethanol fireplace and whether it is necessary to to clean it. Have you wondered how, or if you should clean your bioethanol fire? Read this guide - it is actually super easy!

You can find equipment to clean your fireplace here:

Do I Need to Clean my Bioethanol Fireplace?

The quick, easy, and simple answer is: Yes, you should clean your bioethanol fireplace. A bio fire does require some maintenance and cleaning every once in a while if you wish to have a charming and well-functioning fireplace for many years to come. However, a bio fuel fire is actually extremely easy to maintain and it does not require a lot of cleaning (unless it is constantly burning).

As a bioethanol fire does not emit soot nor ash means that the maintenance decreases significantly compared to the traditional fireplace. However, black spots can appear on the top and backplate of the bio fireplace due to contact with the flames. We recommend cleaning those spots with a humid cloth from time to time so the plates are clean and appear new and elegant.

Bio fireplace burner

How to Clean the Bio Ethanol Fireplace

If you would like to have a bio ethanol fireplace that looks good on the inside as well as the outside you should follow these easy steps:

  • Keep the area around the fireplace clean and tidy
  • Polish the biofire with some polishing agent on the plates inside and outside the burner
  • Make sure the inside and outside areas of the burner are clean
  • Clean the plates with a humid cloth

The cleaning does not take long but it will improve the lifetime of the burner. Furthermore, it will lead to your bioethanol fire being presented in the most beautiful way possible and you have ensured a welcoming bio fire for many years to come.

In addition, you reduce the risk of accidents as you removed spilled bioethanol fuel which enables a controllable flame in your ethanol fireplace.

Should you have more questions related to the cleaning of a bio fire, you are more than welcome to contact us. We are always happy to help you!

Round bioethanol fireplace
Cleaning your biofire