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Galio insert 2000 - Automatic

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Outdoor gas burner for DIY fireplace project. The fireplace is equipped with an automatic flame control system. Choose between a Natural Gas or LPG version.

Gas type

Gasflaske Cover


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Build your own outdoor gas fireplace with Galio Insert Automatic 2000

Galio is an outdoor gas burner from Planika, designed for DIY projects, where you wish to design and build your own gas fireplace.

This version of Planika Galio Insert Automatic 2000 er equipped with an automatic control panel that offers quick and easy control of the flame. Igniting the fireplace is as easy as a push of a button on the control panel.

Additional the automatic version of Galio Insert offers the possibility to control and operate the fireplace using Wi-Fi and a SmartHome System (Additional Purchase)

Planika Galio Insert with automatic control is ONLY for outdoor use.

Choose between Natural Gas or Gas Bottle

With Planika Galio Insert Automatic 2000 you have the option to choose between two different types of gas. But be aware that this must be chosen upon placing the order and cannot be changed at a later date.

Natural Gas (NG)

You should choose the natural gas version if you have a gas connection of natural gas going directly to your house. This way Galio can be connected directly to the gas line, and you do not need to replace and refill a gas bottle from time to time.

With natural gas, the Planika Galio Insert Automatic 2000 gives up to 16.5 kW of heat effect and has a maximum gas consumption of 1.75 m³ per hour.

Gas Bottle (LPG)

Choose the gas bottle version if you do not have a direct gas connection going to your house. Here you just connect the Galio Insert to an LPG gas bottle. This makes the fireplace easy to move and it can be used in multiple places.

To hide the gas bottle you can choose to buy a gas cylinder cover.

With the gas bottle version of Planika Galio Insert, it can make up to 16.5 kW of heat effect and uses a maximum of 1.30 kg of gas per hour.

With Galio Insert Automatic 2000 you get:

  • Oblong flames
  • Easy control and adjustment of the flame
  • Natural gas or LPG gas canister fuelled
  • The option to control using WiFi and SHS (Additional Purchase)

Included In The Package

  • Planika Galio Insert Automatic 2000
  • Gas hose with regulator (4 meter)
  • Black Diamond Stones
  • Remote Control

Additional Purchase 

Wi-Fi Module

The Wi-Fi module makes it possible to control the fireplace using a mobile app (iOS & Android). Additional the Wi-Fi module will make it possible to control the fireplace with a smart home system.

The Wi-Fi module can be purchased and added at a later stage.

Gas Cylinder Cover

Hide away the ugly gas canister with a gas cylinder cover. Choose between different models.

Hose Protector

Make sure not to damage or trip over the gas hose.

Electric Power

  • Planika Galio Insert Automatic 2000 requires 4x 1.5 AA batteries
  • The Galio Remote requires 2 x 1.5 AAA batteries
  • The Wi-Fi module requires a standard 230V outlet connection

Batteries not included.

Custom Size

It is possible to get Galio Insert Automatic 2000 customised in both size and shape. Only your imagination sets the limit.

Please contact our customer service for further information.

Technical data


Outdoor Gas Fireplace


H: 260 x W: 2000 x D: 230 mm




33 kg


Heat output

Natural Gas max: 16.5 kW | LPG: 16.5 kW



Burner type

Automatic gas burner with adjustable flame

Fuel/ Propellant

Natural Gas or LPG


NG up to 1.75 m³/h | LPG up to 1.30 kg/h

Requires electricity

See product description



pdfTech card



CO2 compensation bioethanol fire

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